William Bonner’s wife shares foreign travel record

William Bonner’s wife shares foreign travel record

Physiotherapist Natasha Dantas, 42, shared on her social media a video with some funny moments from her last trip to the United States with her husband, William Bonner, 58, presenter of the “Journal National” (TV Globo).

In the clip published on her Instagram, she shows excerpts from the flight, the hotel room they’re staying in as well as the tourist destinations they visited abroad – all to the sound of “Trevo”, one of the duet’s songs. Is. Anavittoria with Tiago Iorc.

“One more for our book. And it’s not over yet,” Natasha wrote in the publication’s caption.

Recently, Chef Paola Carousella said that William Bonner had tied her up when she left a hotel in Bahia. Coincidentally, the journalist went to stay in the room of the former “MasterChef” judge and warned him that she had forgotten her Netflix account that was open on the TV in the room.

“As I sat down at the computer, an email came in that said ‘Netflix Log In’. Then I read it and wrote in it: ‘Dear Paola, I received your email because when I entered the bungalow, Netflix was logged in. Well, I’d love to find your email, because I’m a fan of yours. Don’t worry, I’ve already logged out of the account. Save my phone, I’m going to have dinner at your restaurant when I go to So Paulo A hug, William Bonner,'” Paola said.

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