With four Oscar nominations, Chinese Chloe Zhao attracts Hollywood with her vision

A diretora chinesa Chloé Zhao durante lançamento do filme 'Songs my brothers taught me'

Born in Beijing, but fascinated at the director of the American West, Itinerant, Chloe Zhao, is Hollywood in the palm of her hand with her many prestigious award nominations and a Marvel superhero film on the way. Tonight, his film is one of the favorites to win in some categories, but, above all, he has a lot of potential to win the Best Director and Best Film award. A sign of change in Hollywood in favor of women.

The 38-year-old filmmaker was nominated for four Oscars for his intimate film about the difficult Americans who travel the country in search of temporary jobs. Zhao is the first woman to receive four Oscar nominations in a year and has been nominated for Best Director’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences two weeks after winning a landmark Golden Globe as a filmmaker.

In a press release from the United States, the director said, “Thank you very much to my fellow members for recognizing this film, which I like this film very much from my heart.”

Nestled in a spectacular landscape of unknown and sparsely populated states such as South Dakota and Nebraska, “Nomadland” is the most recent love letter to the vast locations of the homeland adopted by a Chinese artist.

With his debut, Songs my brothers taught meAbout a teenage girl who dreams of a life beyond Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Zhao spent months immersed in the lives of the South Dakota native. Zhao discovered photographs of the Lakota Sioux land while studying cinema in New York. He then designed the project to “tell a story that could make things better for him”, the director explained in a recent interview with New York magazine.

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The film won awards at festivals, but Zhao gained more fame two years later with “Tamming Destiny”, another semi-western shot on Pine Ridge and neighboring Badland National Park, to which he would return again Itinerant.

Another common theme in Zhao’s films is working with amateur actors who play semi-final versions of themselves. “I’m not the type of screenwriter and director who can make his characters in one room alone,” he explained New york magazine.

For Itinerant, The filmmaker worked with famed actress Francis MacDormand, who was inspired by Zhao to take his personal journey to play the role of his nomadic character, Fern.

After winning the Golden Globe, Zhao celebrated recognition for the nomadic community.

“If it means more people will see someone who doesn’t live in a traditional home, who lives an alternative lifestyle, and wishes them, well, it will make their day,” said Zhao.

“Strong competitor”

Born as the daughter of a wealthy Chinese steelmaker, the filmmaker left China as a teenager to study at a British boarding school before completing her studies in Los Angeles and New York, where she worked as a teacher. I took a spike.

Zhao’s success was initially celebrated in his home country, where state media called him “the pride of China”. Soon, however, a 2013 interview surfaced, in which the director allegedly called China “a place where there are lies everywhere”, making it the target of criticism.

Some nationalists have called him a “traitor”, a controversy that could jeopardize the debut of the first film Itinerant In china. While the film itself does not have a political tone, it does point to the brutality of capitalism, which does not provide a safety net to older Americans.

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Zhao lives in Ojai, a small rural town in California, about 150 kilometers northwest of Los Angeles, heavily immersed in hippie culture. There, she lives with her boyfriend, a British cameraman and two dogs.

while Itinerant Distributed by Searchlight, which belongs to Disney, Zhao’s next film is associated with mega-blockbusters associated with major Hollywood studios. Zhao is driving The internetA superhero film from the Marvel series featuring celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

In February, it was also announced that a version of Zhao would direct Dracula Western-style futuristic science for Universal Studios. It remains to be seen how Zhao will handle the transition from freelance writer to Mecca’s superstar of cinema, but it is being looked into right now. Itinerant And his Oscar performance. A jury at the academy said, “I think it’s fair to say that he’s just had an incredible year.” “He is definitely a strong competitor.”

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