“Woman at the window”. The author of the book giving the Netflix film lied about getting cancer (and beyond) – Culture

"Woman at the window".  The author of the book giving the Netflix film lied about getting cancer (and beyond) - Culture

A movie “Woman at the window” Debuted on Netflix on May 14 and although it has a luxury cast Amy adams, Gary oldman, Julian moore or Anthony Mackie), As Critics Destructive – many pointing to the flaw in logic and the realization of Joe wright. But this is the story behind the author of the book, which was released under the same name in 2018 and has now been adapted for the film, which is the most unusual.

The book’s signing name, one of the bestsellers and for two weeks, topped the most recommended list by The New York Times, that of AJ Finn. However, it is just a pseudonym that hides the real name of Daniel Mallory, 42, the American author and publisher.

After the surprising and unexpected success of her first book, which delighted enthusiasts of stories like “Am Part Inserta” or “The Girl on the Train”. Plans, twists, and turns in the author’s life began to be identified, resembling the incredible stories that fiction allows any writer and which he himself uses to create his own narrative.

On 4 February 2019, a year after the publication of “A Mulher her Janella”, everything will be revealed through the author’s profile mentioned by the magazine. “the new Yorker”.

Cancer that never happened and brother who did not die

The writer, known by that time as charismatic and intelligent, built his life, and his career was based on lies that, like cards, threatened to collapse at any moment. One of the revelations is that the author has claimed to have cancer for many years – first in an application to Oxford University in the United Kingdom and later, to several colleagues at various publishers where he worked, in London and New York . York, USA.

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One of the sources heard, and who asked not to be identified, recalls a conversation between 2009 and 2012, when the author worked at Little Brown Publishing House in London. In the first conversation, Mallory tells him that he has a brain tumor. Another author, whose books were published in another publisher where Daniel Mallory worked, remembers hearing him talk about his diagnosis several times.

They say that this oddity arose when the man himself told him that he enjoyed reading the manuscript that he had sent to her. At the time, Mallory was wearing eye protection due to an alleged loss of vision following an operation to remove the tumor.

In a book adaptation available on Netflix from May 14, “The Woman at the Window” starring Amy Adams

Credit: Netflix

“Data-title =” “woman on window”. The author of the book giving the Netflix film lied about having cancer (and beyond) – MAGG “>

In a book adaptation available on Netflix from May 14, “The Woman at the Window” starring Amy Adams Credit: Netflix

The diagnosis of a tumor, which was never done, served as an excuse for everything – especially to justify a long absence from office. But the role of lies did not stop here, since since the discovery of the same publication, the author had lied about his professional experience (stating that he had worked in publishers with whom he had never had a contractual relationship); About his educational qualifications (claiming to have a doctorate at Oxford University, where he has just completed his master’s degree); Or lost his mother, suffering from cancer, and his brother, who ended his life.

Both, it is now known, are alive.

The play’s publication went viral, forcing the author to officially react, and claimed that this complete lie of lies stemmed from a diagnosis of bipolar disorder diagnosed several years ago.

Forgiveness and diagnosis of bipolar disorder

“On countless occasions, I convinced others that I was living with a physical illness, not a psychologist: cancer, in particular. My mother fought an aggressive battle against breast cancer when I was just a teenager. “. That experience became a synonym for pain and nervousness in my teens,” he explains in an official statement to “The New Yorker.”

And he goes on to say: “I felt very embarrassed at the psychological battles I was fighting. They were my most frightening and sensitive secret. For 15 years, despite being chased by a doctor, I was absolutely unaware of this Terrified what people would think of me if they knew., If they found it and concluded that it was defective in a way that it should be fixed. “

“Like many of those who live with this daily, I went through extreme depressions, delusional thoughts, morbid passions and memory problems. It was terrible, even, during my grief, I did and said, which in general, I would never say or do. Things, as a general rule, I have no memory “, he concluded.

Although Mallory’s psychiatrist confirmed the author’s diagnosis and the deep emotional impact of her mother’s battle with cancer, another psychiatrist heard by the same publication says that patients who live daily with personality disorders ” May experience a “period of increased respect”, but that, these episodes do not explain “arrogant and deceptive behavior” in the actors’ interpersonal relationships.

The author apologizes for “taking advantage of the goodwill” of the person who helped him. His next book, still without a release date, will be in the Victorian era, and he hopes the author will be adapted for a television series.

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