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Gal Gadot’s film garnered surprising numbers on its debut, beating the arrival of the Shonda Rhimes series on Netflix.

Bridgerton broke the audience record on Netflix, but found a worthy rival: Wonder Woman 1984. In the United States, Gadot’s film surpassed the number of Shondaland-produced series by Shondaland, ranking late in its first-seen content. December 2020.

The information belongs to Nielsen, a company responsible for estimating audience figures in the United States, which has begun covering streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +. For now, HBO Max is not part of their weekly calculations, but they have decided to analyze their numbers Wonder Woman 1984 To be a special event.

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The film, directed by Patty Jenkins, collected 2.25 billion minutes watched by the American public between December 21, 2ty, only to be released on the 25th. This equates to a total of 14.9 million sessions in just two days. By providing this facility to its customers for free, HBO Max claims that about half of its users started the film.

Also shown in theaters, Wonder Woman 1984 Coronavirus has already grossed $ 148 million at the box office amid the epidemic. The success of the franchise is such that a third film with the return of Gadot and Jenkins has already been confirmed. It is important to remember that Adventure is now available for rent on Brazilian digital platforms, for R $ 49.99.

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In exchange for, Bridgerton “Only” saw 1.2 billion minutes within the same week, finishing fourth that week. But thinking long-term (and applying for global analysis, not just in the United States), the storyline starring Rage-Jean Page and Phoebe Dinner became the most-watched series on Netflix, reaching 82 million Netflix subscribers Reached – about 41% of its total users.

Adapted from Julia Quinn’s novels, the period novel was critically approved (including AdoroCinema) and its renewal was guaranteed for a second season, with no release date yet.

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Still within the Nielsen rankings, which was in second place was Disney’s Soul Animation, which brings the first black hero to Pixar’s history and became a strong candidate for the award season. Check out the top 10 below:

1. Wonder Woman 1984 (HBO Max) – 2.25 billion minutes
2. Spirit (Disney +) – 1.67 billion minutes
3. Office (Netflix) – 1.44 billion minutes
4. Bridgerton (Netflix) – 1.2 billion minutes
5. Midnight Sky (Netflix) – 1.11 billion minutes
6. Mandalorian (Disney +) – 1.02 billion minutes
7. The Grinch (Netflix) – 705 million minutes
8. The Crown (Netflix) – 700 million minutes
9. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix) – 691 million minutes
10. History of Christmas 2 (Netflix) – 660 million minutes

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