Woody Allen’s next film “Match Point” will be on the line and will be filmed in Paris

Woody Allen's next film "Match Point" will be on the line and will be filmed in Paris

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After signing “Rifkin festival“, Which will soon debut in Portugal, Woody Allen revealed in a promotional action for his film that he intends to shoot a new project in Paris this year.

I already have a script ready to run in Paris, but the epidemic disrupted our plans. As soon as production resumes, I hope to be able to do this film. This is a film that I can only say that it looks a bit ‘Equal number”, Said the 85-year-old filmmaker in a press conference via Zoom.

In that conversation, Allen confessed his love for Europe, a continent that became his second home and the space where his last 3 films were shot and funded by seeing the American doors closed due to the case “Dylan farrow“. On the differences between American and European cinema, Allen said: “I think the main difference is the novelty in European films, the type of artistic achievement. From this point of view, cinema in the United States has become immature, primarily driven by profit. European films are ahead of Americans in both cinematographic techniques and disciplines, and this is the major difference. So when I was younger I wanted to watch all the European movies while the Americans looked like children. And they still are.

Finally, the director addressed the future in the post-cinema world, showing concern. “People are probably asking themselves: ‘Why should I go to the cinema when I can just watch a movie at the click of a button at home on my big screen, with sharp images and excellent acoustics?’ My answer is that there is a difference in view.SaintThe Blues Brothers‘With 500 people in a dark room, instead of staying at home on the couch with the phone ringing and interrupting the experience“.

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