World clock and bounce, surprise watchOS 8 dials

World clock and bounce, surprise watchOS 8 dials

watchOS 8 final version provided to developers While waiting for the final, two dials are included that were not included in the beta and which will not be exclusive to the next Series 7. They are also available on Series 4, 5 and 6.

world Clock had made one unexpected appearance During WWDC, it is officially launched this time. it’s a tribute classic dial in watch making (some signed examples slammed philippe) which follows the definition of time zone theory.

The display is loaded but it reads well enough… when you understand the logic. It’s a question of being able to quickly get the time of 24 time zones at once. In the center you have the time in your geographic location, which can be set in a digital or analog display.

Touch the globe under Time and it will be located alternately over your country (time zone) sometimes at the North Pole. The first ring around the world consists of 24 hours a day.

Four minor complications can be activated

The second crown around the first collects the cities you can have time for. If it is 2:30 pm in France and London is opposite the number 13, we conclude that it is 1:30 pm in the British capital. Whereas in Sydney in front of the number 22, it will be at 10:30 in the night. Finally, a red dot indicates the city in the area where you are located and two moon and sun images specify the duration of day and night for your position.

follows the dial Rebound Intended for Nike only Apple Watch. It is characterized by the elasticity of the numbers representing time. When you tap the screen, move your wrist, or rotate the Digital Crown, the letters distort slightly as if they were underwater.

Here we can’t add any complications, just the logo of the supplier that shipped their sports app. On the other hand, you can change the color, have a colored or gradient background or, conversely, leave it black.

Finally, there’s the dial Picture Which we have already taken advantage of throughout the beta of watchOS 8. We can assign up to 24 photos taken from the album of photos taken in portrait mode on the iPhone. They change every time you turn on or touch the screen.

By playing on the depth information in the image and depending on the position of the subject, the time can be displayed behind it at the top or in front of the bottom. A twist of the Digital Crown will zoom in on the person slightly. We deserve two medium-sized complications in this dial.

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