World surfing circuit reached the island of Australia – Sports

World surfing circuit reached the island of Australia - Sports
Brazil are favorites after one-two at Margaret River (Photo: World Surf League / Disclosure)

The competition window of the Rotnest Search Stage, the fifth stop of the World Surfing Circuit (the fourth held in Australian territory), is played on the waves of Strickland Bay on Rotnest Island, starting on Saturday night (15).

And Brazil comes at a great time in the feud, with three Brazilians leading the men’s rankings: first two-time world champion Gabriel Medina, second in defending champion Italo Ferreira and Philip Toledo (who just won the stage at Margaret River) In the third.

To the left of Strickland Bay, which first appears on the World Circuit calendar, Philip Toledo began a feud in the fourth heat against Australians Ethan Ewing and Liam O’Brien. Italo Ferreira, on the other hand, appears in the fifth heat, where he meets another Brazilian world champion, Adriano de Souza (who makes his farewell season for the world circuit) and the Australian Taj Burro.

Gabriel Medina, who wears the yellow lycra of the men’s world leader, enters the water in the sixth summer, where he meets forces with Australians Jack Freestone and Kell Walsh.

In addition to Philip Toledo, Italo Ferreira, Adriano de Souza, and Gabriel Medina, Brazil counts in the men’s feud with Peterson Crescento, Alex Ribeiro, Jadson Andre, Miguel Pupo, Cao Ibeli, Yago Dora and David Silva.

In the women’s dispute, Brazil has only one representative, Tatiana Weston-Webb. After defeating seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore in the finals at Margaret River, Gaucho reaches the stage of the Ratnest search with great morality. After this result, Brazil finished second in the women’s ranking.

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