‘Worse than Watergate’ reporter said Nixon resigned

'Worse than Watergate' reporter said Nixon resigned

President Donald Trump tried to pressure Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffenspar to “find” the vote in his favor and win Joed’s state victory, more serious than the Watergate case in Carlgate’s assessment of Bernstein. According to the journalist, Audios released today by The Washington Post is “sufficient” evidence for an impeachment.

Watergate was a political scandal that took place in the 1970s and was revealed to both reporters for the Washington Post at the time by Bernstein and Bob Woodward. The episode resulted in the then-President of the Republican Party, Richard Nixon – resigned similarly to Trump and marked the political history of the United States, also portrayed in theaters, “All the President’s Men” (1976).

“This is not déjà-vu [sensação de já ter vivido determinada situação]Bernstein told CNN that what happened at Watergate is very bad. “This recording shows what it is willing to do to undermine the presidential election system. Illegally, unfairly and unethically, he tries to coup to continue as President of the United States Does.

The journalist further defined Trump as a “criminal” and “subversive” president, and accused members of the Republican Party against the president. He recalled that the “heroes” of Watergate were actually Republicans who “did not tolerate Richard Nixon’s conduct”.

He said, “That’s what we’re hearing from Republicans right now: ‘Mr. President, resign, leave the White House. It’s dishonest, it’s wrong, and we’re not going to allow it in your party,” he said.

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Like Watergate, the revelation that Trump made to Raffensper to try to reverse the election result in Georgia was also revealed by the Washington Post. The newspaper obtained a recording of a telephone conversation between the two (read the transcript), in which it is possible to hear the chairman insisting that the secretary get more “votes” in his favor.

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Democrat Joe Biden, elected in November to command the US for the next four years, won in Georgia with 49.5% of the vote, while for Trump, 49.3%, with a margin of 11,779 votes. At one point, Trump says that “he only gets 11,780 votes, which is enough to” beat “his opponent.

As Georgia’s secretary of state, Raffenspar is responsible in other duties for overseeing the electoral process.

You know what they did and you are not reporting it. This is a crime, and you cannot let this happen. (…) I mean, I am warning you that you are letting this happen. So see: I only want to do this, I just want to find 11,780 votes, which we have [de diferença para Biden], Because we used to live in the state. Donald Trump in conversation with Brad Raffensparger

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