Xbox Game Pass: Subscribers are earning 8 months in India

Xbox Game Pass: Subscribers are earning 8 months in India

It seems that after the change in banks in India, Microsoft Started implementing the 8-month Xbox Game Pass promotion by 699 rubies, Equal to BRL 51 Rees. Interestingly, Indian users sub reddit, reported that their current accounts were automatically upgraded to the 8-month Game Pass. Intimidating users who thought they would be charged for such extra fees in the monthly subscription. Please note that this initiative has been taking place since the beginning of October.

However, the months appear as a bonus at no extra charge, confirming Microsoft’s offer in the country.

Game Pass Subscription — Microsoft Play

New members can get 7 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free by signing up for and paying for the first month on any of three Xbox Game Pass plans (PC, Console, Ultimate). This also applies to members with active accounts who wish to renew their membership.

However, it is a strategy; In a seasonal update in the west, the company releases a 3-month game pass for just R$5.00. Currently, all new users in Brazil can test the standard version for 30 days and 5. last for. Which gives you the rights to hundreds of games, including Xbox Game Studios, EA Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming (console games directly from the cloud on PC; and mobile) and Microsoft Partners. Plus, free months on Disney Plus, 4 months on Spotify without ads, and so on.

* Please note that Xcloud is only included in the final version.

Finally, perhaps one day Brazil could reach this level with lower taxes and a stable currency, so that Microsoft can offer similar discounts.

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