You can’t stand to watch the new season of “The Things I Saw”

You can't stand to watch the new season of "The Things I Saw"

For those who really like the horror series, “The Things I Saw” is definitely one of Netflix’s best offerings. However, we should warn you in advance that some visuals are unsuitable for heart patients. Being confirmed only by the third season of the series.

That said, before you look at the project, try to see if you have enough padding to handle these types of issues. After all, at least this third season recalls supernatural episodes with very strong forces. Some reports state that there are demons in real life.

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The new season of “The Things I Saw” is unsuitable for the faint-hearted

So each episode of this new season is about 40 minutes. In each of them, we see many actors reporting their experiences with such supernatural powers. And how he marked them for life, especially when it comes to emotional states. In other words, a perfect series to watch overnight. Since it only has 6 episodes.

Thus, it is known that all the stories told occur in the United States. And in the most terrifying places you can imagine. For example, one episode tells the story of a girl who finds a box that gives music. However, this horrifying song connects her to the soul of another girl who has already died. She then returns to the living world to torment him.

The things i saw

In short, this is a really good series for all the horror lovers. So, if you’re really looking for a good project to watch, “Things I Saw” is currently available on Netflix.

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If you were able to watch this series, then now find out if you can see all these films till the end.

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