“You Never”: Actresses Speak Portuguese While Reading Fan Message

"You Never": Actresses Speak Portuguese While Reading Fan Message

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Richa Moorjani I Poorna Jagannathan, Of “I never“, accepted an invitation from Netflix Brasil to chat with fans of the series – who are curious to know if there will be a third season. In a video published on the streaming YouTube channel, This Wednesday (28), the three shared a Took the risk to read some of the tweets written in Portuguese and to clear up some curiosity about the teen’s plot.

Poorna Jagannathan reveals that he has lived in Brazil

A very curious and good information is that Poorna Jagannathan, and Dr. Nalini, already lived here in Brazil for some time and therefore, our language dominates a bit. And of course she didn’t miss the opportunity to have fun with the girls’ attempt to study in Portuguese.

“We are here today because Netflix Brazil told us that you are asking us to read some comments about the series, but in Portuguese,” said Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, the interpreter of Nayak Devi. Poorna Jagannathan said, “I speak a little. I lived in Brazil for some time.”

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan sees a split in the crowd to pick his pair

“I don’t speak Portuguese,” admitted Richa Moorjani, who took the risk in the interpretation and managed to identify the shipper of fans for Devi’s character. The character’s interpreter said that she already knew about the mob through social networks. “Instagram is the Paxton team and Twitter supports Ben. It’s absolutely true,” Maitreyi said.

“Twitter is more intellectual, while Instagram is more visual, you know?” Poorna Jagannathan said. Devi’s interpreter declared her love to fans of Brazil, saying, “In all the tweets I’ve seen, I see that you guys like to talk about the series and I look forward to my invitation to go to Brazil.” Won’t be cancelled.” Watch the video and we guarantee you’ll have a lot of laughs with this trio!

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