Young adults’ gossip girl, The Bold Type finally hits Netflix · TV News

Young adults’ gossip girl, The Bold Type finally hits Netflix · TV News

Four years after its debut in the United States, The Bold Type on Netflix finally arrives in Brazil this Saturday (8). Fans of young adults watching Gossip Girl (2007–2012), the theatrical comedy follows the daily lives of three friends who want to achieve personal and commercial success while working in a fashion magazine.

The plot is inspired by the life of Joanna Colles, the former chief editor of Cosmopolitan, one of the leading lifestyle magazines in the world. However, unlike reality, Cosmo (2017), the focus of the series is not the life of the man in charge of the magazine’s command, but that of Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Ayesha Day) and Sauton (Meghan Fahy).

A fan of Scarlett magazine since childhood, Jane becomes a magazine editor at the beginning of the series and has the opportunity to turn her personal experiences and love frustrations into stories that impact readers’ lives, while dilemma into a larger routine Settling City.

She helps Kat, the director of social media for the publication, a fearless woman who always strives for her goals, even if they have serious business consequences. Creative also deals with discoveries and personal conflicts when he realizes that he is a homosexual and is in love with Adena (Nikohl Busheri).

Sutton completed the trio as an assistant to stylist Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore). Due to her situation, she faces the dilemmas of an intense workday to gain a place in the fashion world, in addition to hiding a relationship with her friends Richard (Sam Page), an older man and member of the board of directors. Of the magazine.

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Jacqueline (Melora Hardin), the editor-in-chief of Scarlett – a more compassionate and thoughtful version of Miranda Priestley (Meryl Streep) in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) – and journalist Alex Matt (Ward) responsible for the masculine look, on the magazine’s agenda, Complete the cast of the series. Check out five reasons to watch The Bold Type available on Netflix:

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Sutton and jane talk in the office

Real life dilemmas

As all the protagonists are in their 20s, they face the struggles of young adults at the beginning of their careers. “What should I do to increase my job?” And “Will I be able to reconcile work and love?” There are some questions that Jane, Kat and Sutton asked themselves throughout the episode. Without focusing on success, they seek answers and solutions to enjoy life and friendship in New York.

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Kat, Jane and Sutton are shocked in the series

Comedy and Drama Perfect

Episodes always show humorous shots, but this does not stop him from pointing a finger at issues like racism, racism, differences in treatment between men and women, political situation, fight against cancer, decisions about having children or not , Among others. In this way, the public has fun, but is also invited to consider relevant issues.

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Kat and Adena; Series bets on diversity

Sorority and diversity

The plot reinforces the importance of harmony. At no point do friends need to “outmaneuver” each other to grow in their careers. Instead, they come together and move on. The plot of the director of social media evokes debate about the importance of diversity, not only in the espionage issue, but also in gender, ethnicity, and other factors.

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The ensemble cast impresses fans

fashion trends

Men and women take a fashion class in each episode of The Bold Type. No matter whether you prefer classic, modern clothes or sweatspants, the creation of the series showcases all of these styles throughout the scene, inspiring the audience to highlight their creativity and reproduce the looks .

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Kat, Sutton and Jane Have Fun in New York

Gossip Girl + The Devil Wears Prada

As the plot is set in New York, several scenes have been recorded in locations that have already been used in series about Upper East Side residents, which fans of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) Strengthens apathy. In addition, the behind-the-scenes attention to a fashion magazine recalls the classic of the 2000s.

Watch the trailer for the first season of The Bold Type:

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