Ze Neto receives a double in his dressing room after a concert in Boston, USA

Leo Dias

Ze Neto and Cristiano performed last Sunday (10/10) in Boston, USA, and backstage they enjoyed an unusual journey: a Ze Neto resemblance. A boy named Leonardo Silveira had access to the dressing room of both of them after the show and the moment was recorded. All three had a lot of fun.

Leonardo made humorous videos with the cast and posted them on his Instagram account. He lives in Boston and is a fan of both. “I’m taking a picture with Ze Neto and Cristiano”, joked Ze Neto in one of the two videos. “We are very famous”, completes Leonardo.

In the caption Leonardo said: “Nice to meet you. Funny moments and that nice prose… Chama! May our Lady Aparecida bless you always”.

He also took the time to joke with a fan of the pair they met in the next dressing room. Leonardo disguised as Ze Neto and, along with Cristiano, took a picture with him. The game was also registered and published on social networks.

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