[पहेली और ड्रेगन]This “popular event” is finally reprinted! Results predicted from official website updates!

Volcano Dragon appears on the official website!

On 3/15 (Monday)puzzleThe official website has been updated, and the monster image displayed is now “Volcano Dragon”.

On 3/16 (Tue) official website till 19:00

4So what?4Some people may think so.
It is surprisingly known among Pazudora players,Sign of “something”That’s it!

Ie …it looks like this! !!

What will happen with the appearance of a volcano
Of “development of original characters”
Ance “appearance of new festivals,”
Events “Catching and replaying original events”

This to some extent makes it possible to predict future events.
However, with regard to the “new festival frontier appearance” and the “completely new material development of the original character”, it is very difficult to predict in the present case where the final awakening development of the 6-star festival is almost complete is.

So this time4Holding and reprint of original eventsI’ll focus on the point!
Of course, it is almost impossible to predict new events, so the main thing to predict is“Reprint”about.The last time it was held, it is more likely to recur.I guess, so let’s look back at the “last holding time” of many original events

Period “Last Holding Period” survey started
* Presented in chronological order

Puzzle & Dragons School

Last: 2020/04/06 (Monday) 10:00 ~ 2020/04/20 (Monday) 09:59

First, the annual “Puzzle and Dragons School Event”!
Since the event is held at a certain time, I was wondering if it should be taken at this time, but I will present it for the time being.
At the time of the last hold, “School valeria, Etc., but who will be the new character this year? Originally, popular characters appear, so I’m really looking forward to it.

It seems that many are hoping to strengthen the existing characters, especially the power-ups of the school Valeria mentioned above!
However, since it is originally held every year in “April”, it is very likely that it has nothing to do with this volcano dragon.

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Festival limited heroine series

Last: 2020/04/10 (Friday) 10:00 ~ 2020/04/27 (Monday) 09:59

Surprisingly, the event that was never reprinted was “Utsav Limited Heroine Series”!
What was the last timeChalk」」DonnaIt appears that “” will appear when the time comes. It was about a year ago.
Therefore, it is the most promising candidate in the forecast of this reprint, but since it is an event with many special materials … “Story Dun”Intrusion Type IlluminaI’m curious about what it will be like

Dragon musician series

Last: 2020/06/15 (Monday) 10:00 ~ 2020/06/29 (Monday) 09:59

When the last “Dragon Composer Series” was held,Ajuha」」DiroidLooks like time was added!
Frankly, it seems like a long time ago, but I was surprised that it was lower than it was a year ago and it was later than the heroine of the festival.
Frankly, this is an event with some active characters at the moment, so it would be hot if we reprint it here and make a big power-up!

Holy Dragon Story Series

Last holding period: 2020/07/06 (Monday) -2020/07/20 (Monday) after maintenance at 09:59

This is followed by “Shinki Ryu Monogatari Series”!
This is … that’s right. Very famous “PoranThere is a catch that is discharged.

other “Diamond」」SivaniaIt is a surprising event that still shows great success in both possession and lap.
At the time of the last hold, “ToyaAdded as a new character, it is powerful but not overused. However, recently, leaders with high depletion rates have been gaining attention.
If the loss of leader skills is minimized, chances are we will reach the strongest section of the environment in one go!

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Also, I think there are many people who just want to draw the remembered character, so it can be top class in the sense that it should be reprinted there.

Deadly Sin Dragon and Hero of the Key

Last: 2020/08/03 (Monday) 10:00 ~ 2020/08/31 (Monday) 09:59

Of course, the rare Gacha event “The Deadly Sins Dragon and the Hero of the Key” is also considered as an original event!
Also, the other day, Mr. Murco tweeted a meaningful tweet such as “A new character is set to be featured”, so it can be said that it is the most promising candidate compared to “Fest Limited Heroine”.

However, “Sivagami messengers and youkai” are being held … I feel a little angry when one of the rare rare events is put in a row …?
But”Verl」」Greon」」Baldi turnFor those who want to attract powerful characters like “MainitTo be honest, there are many voices that want to reinforce characters who are not able to play an active role, so I would like you to reprint it!

GungHo Collaboration

Last: 2020/12/21 (Mon) 10:00 ~ 2021/01/04 (Mon) 09:59

This is a new memory from the region, but it was a “Goho collaboration” held in December last year.
4Ciel」」Eclair」」FonsIn addition to super-excellent characters appearing as non-interchangeable frames, “”Uprising」」Lucy]Etc. appeared, and I was largely surprised.
However, in summary, every time an event takes place or is reprinted, it makes me realize that I was as surprised as every time.

Other than that, the GungHo collaboration is a bit special, and although it has been held relatively recently, it is unlikely to be reprinted.
It is one of the most frequently reprinted events. I realize that it is often organized to connect events.

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However, the characters that appear are all powerful, and the Gacha characters that can be obtained are different each time, so I definitely want you to reprint them!

Dragon Enforcer and Dragon Summon Series

Last: 2021/01/18 (Monday) 10:00 ~ 2021/02/01 (Monday) 09:59

Finally this year, “Dragon Enforcer and Dragon Summon Series”!
No new characters were added, but existing characters have been greatly extended.
8 squibsValeria“, It is now possible to disable attribute absorption for turn 2.IdealThis is completely new to my memory.

I don’t think it will be reprinted yet, but … it’s a little special, but when you see the repetition of angry waves of “Shigami messenger and youkai,” it can’t be said that it’s impossible. …
However, I am concerned that there were no new characters at the time of the previous incident. I think it can be re-organized with new characters, so let’s hope for the time!

Summary of previous holding period has ended

“Shivgami messenger and youkai” is being reprinted on 16 March (Tuesday) when this article is published, so I left it out.

In this summaryThe most promising candidates are “Fest Limited Heroine” and “The Deadly Sins Dragon and Hero of the Key”.But what do you think about it?
To be fair, a lot of unexpected events happen these days, and you might be surprised again.

Also, of course, there is a possibility that this is a “new phenomenon”, the aforementioned “development of existing characters”, and “the extent of the new festival”. There is a high probability that an announcement will be made which betrays this expectation, but we hope that you will see it further by mentioning that

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