10 most watched series of the week (25/07/2021)

10 most watched series of the week (25/07/2021)

As with streaming platforms’ countless weekly releases, the ranking of the most-watched series has always varied, with series in and out of the list, or even just positioning, either in line with first place. near or at the end. These titles are also mixed between releases or older productions, adding even more variety to those flavors.

Here in Brazil, we still don’t have an official service that measures in real time which series are most watched, but we do have an interesting tool: JustWatch. The platform was built to help users find out what to watch and also find out what streaming movies or series are available.

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So, based on the data obtained by JustWatch, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which series attracted the most Brazilian attention during the week.

10. Lovecraft Country

The series was in tenth place lovecraft country, Original production by HBO, adapted from a book of the same name by Matt Ruff. The plot brings a mix of thrill, horror, and politics, delving deep into the social criticism relating to 1950s racism in the United States. The series has only one season and unfortunately, it has already been canceled.

you can watch the series lovecraft country Feather HBO Max!

9. Stranger Things

As we await the premiere of the fourth season strange things, which has been keeping us waiting for more than two years, streaming subscribers are interested to check out the previous seasons. The series follows a group of children who begin to witness strange situations in the city where they live, only to learn the horror of the inverted world.

strange things Netflix has an original series and is available here three seasons.

8. Rick and Morty

Animation rick and morty Was on the list last week and is back, showing that audience interest in the adventures of her grandfather and her grandson remains steadfast and strong. The production follows the scientific missions of these peculiar scientists, who have a small company to successfully complete them, while deviating from existential crises.

you can see rick and morty Feather HBO Max and on Netflix.

7. Scream

“Repeat” Just Didn’t Come Along rick and morty, but also with series the Scream, a horror production. In it, you follow the horror of youth being pursued by a masked killer at large in the city. The series is related to the film franchise panic, from the 1990s, including the involvement of the films’ director Wes Craven, who serves as executive producer.

the Scream available on netflix two seasons.

6. This Is Us

Over the past week, many people, searching for a good series to get emotional, left this is us Sixth in the most viewed ranking. The plot addresses the life of the Pearson family, which consists of a father, mother, and three children. Hence, we track all the most important events in their lives on the basis of past, present and future.

the first four seasons of this is us are available on amazon prime videohandjob Now I oi play.

5. Loki

bottle gourd Recently ended, but still arousing public interest. The series, which marks the beginning of a new phase in the Marvel universe, tells a story relevant to stories from the past 10 years, starring Thor’s brother Loki, one of our favorite villains in the franchise.

You can watch the first season of bottle gourd No Disney+.

4. Dragon Ball Z

Animation dragon ball g On television debuted more than 30 years ago, but continues to win many fans around the world, including in Brazil. This week was one of the most sought after series, showing viewers’ interest in the adventures of Goku, Vegeta and Sayajin.

dragon ball g available on oldflix.

3. The Handmaid’s Tale

once again story of the maid Entered the list of most-watched series of the week, which is justified by the end of the recent season four. The plot tells the story of a dystopian future that introduces us to the United States’ tragic transition to the Republic of Gilead, caused by a coup d’état by people with totalitarian and theistic views.

story of the maid can be seen on globeplayhandjob Now I Paramount+.

2. American Horror Story

American Horror Story Back on the list this week, including going up. The anthology series tells a different story each season, one more frightening than the other. Until then, the production has accumulated 10 seasons with the most varied themes, such as haunted houses, hospice, circus, among others.

you can watch this series globeplay no more Now.

1. X file

First place remains the same as compared to last week: x file. The series, which began back in the 1990s, tells the story of police investigators who have to deal with the alleged presence of aliens torn between the paranormal and suspicion. Recently, the series has returned in new episodes several years after its debut.

x file can be seen on Now no more oldflix.

Source: Now look

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