10 movies on information security and data privacy. – Privacy Tech

10 movies on information security and data privacy.  - Privacy Tech

It is not today that privacy and information security topics are highlighted. The protection of personal data is something that attracts the attention of thousands of people.

Experts from the Darius Group, a company in the field of provision of consulting and education services, highlight some international films and documentaries to help people understand a little more about the cyber universe and how to stop themselves Online environment. Check list:

1 – Hacked Privacy

The big scandal with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica was known worldwide. But for those who still do not know, between 2018 and 2019, it was revealed that companies used data from thousands of users in US presidential elections and in Brexit (exiting the United Kingdom from the European Union) Had to generate an impact, both in 2016.

The Netflix-produced documentary shows the entire process against Facebook and reports in detail how manipulation of users and advertising was used within social networks.

2 – Subject to Terms and Conditions

This documentary shows the implications of accepting ‘Terms and conditions‘Actually did a service without reading the contract. This is a great option for those who are not in the habit of reading the permissions requested by applications or services when purchasing them. Content can be rented on Amazon Prime.

3 – Hacker

There is a hint of suspense and fiction in this film. Hacker is a film showing how a young man joins the famous hacker group Anonymous, after stealing several identities and participating in small embezzlement of money on the Internet. The film can be found on Amazon Prime.

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4 – Bill Gates Code

For those who want a more optimistic view of the future and are eager to learn how technology is the brainchild of one of the pioneers who revolutionized the world, Bill Gates, works. The documentary shows what were the effects of Microsoft’s creation and how the American giants saw the future of humanity with the advancement of technology. The content has three parts and can be seen on Netflix. This is a great option for those who like entrepreneurship and technology.

5 – Mr. Robot

The Mr. Robot series has drawn public attention to its veracity in systems, cloud connected devices, and attack processes of smart home devices.

Elliot is a young man who works with virtual security and finds himself at a crossroads when he joins a hacker group whose purpose is to destroy the place where he works. The production is one of the few works on television that shows how the invasion process works and what its consequences are. The material is recommended for professionals working in this field and can be viewed on Amazon Prime.

6 – Do not f ** k with cats

The documentary series shows how the Internet and a group of people can search for anything. a bunch of people Facebook Managed to identify a man who was posting a video of him torturing small cats. This makes it possible for people to see the range and strength that a social network can have both on and off the Internet. Watch it on Netflix.

7 – Network dilemma

The most recent privacy documentary produced by Netflix aims to explain how user data is used for predictive behavior analysis in addition to the use of artificial intelligence within social networks.

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8 – copy game

The film shows the process of creating the life of the world’s first computer and its creator Alan Turing. A great choice for those who like history, such as World War II and movies that keep anyone on the edge of the chair. Watch the movie on Amazon Prime.

9 – Fifth power

We have all heard, at one time or another, the WikiLeaks website, the largest platform for anonymous reporting on major state secrets and corporate crimes. Shortly after its launch, the site was already responsible for the publication of major countries and disputes between major countries, primarily with the North American government. The feature film showcases the relationship between the creation of the website and its creators, Julian Assange and Daniel Domshit, and can be purchased from YouTube.

10 – Snowden: Hairy or Traitor

Edward Snowden was responsible for making public all the details of the various programs that make up the American NSA’s global surveillance system. The film depicts how the hacker’s life was in the midst of his work with the US government and how he managed to leave the NSA campus with hidden information. A great movie that distracts viewers, even knowing the end, and can be purchased from YouTube.

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