10 movies that came to Netflix for you to watch on weekends only

10 movies that came to Netflix for you to watch on weekends only

New movies available on netflix

If you are looking for new movies to watch over the weekend, then this list is made for you. We split 10 films, which only started on Netflix, All in April 2021, which you might want to see.

As the highlight, we have a romantic and original Finding love, For those looking to lighten something, Force of nature, With police action movie Mel Gibson, I Steve JobsAbout the creator of Apple.

Up to the sky, Which is Miguel Herran, RIO Day The money heist, I Go away, Starring suspense Sarah Paulson I Kiriya Allen, Also great request.

See full list:

Up to the sky

After falling in love with Estrella, the mechanic leavesngel leaves the suburb of Madrid for a world of robberies and becomes the target of a secret spy. The film features Miguel Herran, RIO Day The money heist.

Watch the full cast of the film by clicking here!

Secret of madame cloud

In Paris in the 1960s, Madame Claude’s influence goes beyond the world of prostitution – until the arrival of a rich young woman threatens to change everything in this French series.

Go away

In search of independence after a long medical treatment, teenager Chloe suspects that her mother is hiding a sinful secret. Together Sarah Paulson I Kiriya Allen.

Understand the end of the film by clicking here!

Cowboy soul

A rebellious teenager goes to live with her father during the summer and finds a home in a community of black cowboys in Philadelphia, United States. A Ricky Staub film with Idris Elba.

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just say yes

Romantic Lotte’s life breaks when her wedding plans are completed.

Finding love

Yura grew up in a household. Now, you have to face a financial and personal crisis – and a love triangle in which you

Finding love  Netflix official website

Force of nature

When a condominium evacuates due to a storm, police join a group of residents to confront the criminals, who invade the site in search of $ 55 million. Starring Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth.


This is the true story of Philippe Petit, who defined death and the law in 1974 by crossing a ledge at the top of the Twin Towers. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

A Travisia Netflix

The boy from the house next door

The beautiful and newly divorced Claire (Jennifer Lopez) becomes involved with her teenage son’s friend, and the consequences are far worse than she imagined.

Steve Jobs

Addressing three pivotal moments in Steve Jobs’ career, this biographical film shows the man’s weaknesses and visionary audacity created by Mac Starring. Michael facebender I Kate Winslet.

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