121-year-old chocolate found intact in Australia’s library – Revista Galileu

121-year-old chocolate found intact in Australia's library - Revista Galileu

120-year-old chocolate remains intact in a library in Australia (Photo: disclosure)

Evaluating a recently acquired collection by Australian poet Abby “Banjo” Patterson, a team at the National Library of Australia found a box of chocolates still packed in straw and foil. Candy was ordered that Queen Victoria sent 121 years ago as a gift to British soldiers during the Second Boer War to South Africa. On the packaging, the emperor’s image carried an inscription: “South Africa, 1900. I want to wish you a happy new year, Victoria G.”

Chocolates are the oldest preserved chocolates in the world and are manufactured Cadbury, A company founded in 1824 by John and Benjamin Cadbury and currently managed by Mondelez International. Interestingly, the Cadbury brothers were pacifists and the Boares did not want to support the war, but they agreed to comply with the Queen’s request, who, in turn, wanted to show their grave concern to the soldiers for giving them chocolate. Were. , At that time, was considered of good quality.

The souvenir ended up among the baggage of the Australian poet, who was also a journalist, as he would have bought chocolate from a soldier while working as a newspaper reporter in South Africa. Sydney morning herald And Age. The box was found by the librarian, while the contents of the collection were unpacked to be digitized and made available to the public for free.

Taking information from Ancient origin I National Library of Australia.

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