16 anime to track in the fall 2021 season

16 anime to track in the fall 2021 season

weather this october Fall 2021 There are many new series coming out for anime, and to please otaku. Since the volume of premieres is enormous, we have created a collection of 16 anime worthy of your attention in the next few months, all officially available on some streaming service such as Crunchyrollhandjob funimation where Netflix.

Remember that the article deliberately ignores anime that continues from previous seasons, such as aquatope on white sand, as well as new seasons of famous series, such as Demon Slayer –Kimetsu no Yaiba (Which is currently showing a reprint of the film). Digimon Ghost Game It was also shunned to be an anime that would last a full year, and not just one season, but we’ll talk more about it here in the future.

After clarification, let’s move on to the first list?

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