‘1899’ is a new production from the makers of ‘Dark’

'1899' is a new production from the makers of 'Dark'

Jantje Fries and Baran Bo Odar, breeders of darkOne of Netflix’s most acclaimed original series of recent times, working on a new period production. It is called Is 1899 It is on The plot takes place on a migratory boat that connects Europe and the United States.

In development since 2018, the new series will feature Anurine Barnard (Dunkirk), Andreas Pisetsmann (dark), Miguel Bernardo (Aristocrat class) E Emily Bechem ()In uncharted lands) In the cast. It is being shot at the Bubblesburg Studios in Germany, one of the most advanced devices in terms of virtual technology in Europe.

Although very few people know about the history of the new Netflix series time limit He said that the script focuses on the passengers of a ship, all from different cultures and social strata, who are generally looking for a better life in the new continent. The voyage changes when in the middle of the sea, they cross with another vessel.

“Knowing what we have done dark, Everyone can be sure that it will be something weird, wild and crazy time limit. If time travel was one of the central elements in German production, fans should now expect something different. “We don’t repeat ourselves, we hate it, but it will be a fun puzzle for the audience,” one of the creators said.

Potential return of dark For the new season, it is also a remote possibility, at least for now. “There is always a possibility. If it can be thought, it is possible, ”said Fries without explaining the meaning of the statement. For now, fans of the German series will have to settle for a new wager from Netflix, which is yet to be released.

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Asked about the possible duration of Is 1899, Fries and Odar reveal that they are trying to develop the idea so that it can be extended over time, but it all depends on the number of people who will keep watching it and on the desire of the streaming giant Will continue to place bets on the project.

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