2021 NFL Draft defeated Oscar audience in the United States

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The first night of the NFL’s 2021 draft overtook Oscar viewers on American TV. This is according to data from marketing research firm Nielsen. Statistics revealed by the Sportico website showed that the broadcast reached a total of 12.5 million viewers, exceeding the Oscars exhibition of 2.1 million.

The 2021 draft was shown on three channels: ESPN and ABC from the Disney Group, and NFL Network, a sports broadcast platform and exclusive content from the American Football League. ESPN reached 6.48 million viewers, ABC 4.19 million, while NFL Network 1.85 million.

The Oscars ceremony broadcast last weekend reached 10.4 million viewers. Out of the most important awards in cinema, the NFL Draft became the 25th most-watched TV show in the United States in 2021.

What is the NFL Draft?

University athletes are selected in the draft. This program takes place before the start of the regular session, so-called off season. The 32 teams playing in the league have three days to select the new reinforcements. The first choice is the most important. The credit goes to the team that had the worst performance last season. The champion goes last.

This year, the first choice went to the Jacksonville Jaguars from Florida. The franchise selected Clemson University quarterback Trevor Lawrence to strengthen his team. Another important option was that of the Denver Broncos. The team decided to choose a quarterback and selected cornerback Pat Sartain II from the University of Alabama. The decision may be related to the possible hiring of Aaron Rodgers, who has shown interest in leaving the Green Bay Packers.

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