22 Year Old Brazilian Bought John Lennon’s Mansion For $25 Million – Small Business Big Business

22 Year Old Brazilian Bought John Lennon's Mansion For $25 Million - Small Business Big Business

Week dress From New York, Milan and Paris. In all these he had a seat reserved for VIPs in the front row. He sat next to Isis Valverde and Cimmeria in the controversial Parade of Balmain. Neither Neymar nor his “Pars” had such a privilege. but who is the miner who is all in and lives in a mansion in los angeles that was John Lennon, bought for approximately R$25 million?

Brazilian Lucas Castellani, who lives in the mansion where John Lennon lived, in Los Angeles (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

about this Lucas Castellani, 22 years old. The influencer was born in Belo Horizonte and may have had the vibrant profession of “heir” in his course. But, having always been involved with social networks, he found a way to make them a very profitable business. With nearly 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Castellani shows off his lifestyle worthy of an international celebrity.

It all started when he was 15 years old. A student at a Catholic school in the capital of Minas Gerais, Castellani became famous for anonymously blogging on the old MySpace, condemning episodes of bullying at the institution for being gay.

His identity went viral till it was revealed and he came out of the cell of oblivion. But in the face of depression, in consensus with his parents, he was sent to an exchange program in London.

There, she studied business administration and soon opened up to the world of fashion. With friendly relations in the right place, he finished an internship at Maison Valentino and from there he moved to Los Angeles in the United States, where he became a personal assistant to Paris Hilton.

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Modeling, influencing and, of course, with the help of his family, who have businesses in technology and wineries in Italy’s Tuscan region, allowed the investment to confuse any newly wealthy.

Castellani bought John Lennon’s first home on Mulholland Drive, one of Beverly Hills’ most exclusive addresses. His neighbors are Lenny Kravitz and his former boss Paris.

The large house has been remodeled in the 1960s style to preserve the Beetle’s surroundings. What stands out, however, is a chair that Lucas calls a peacock in a blue tone that, yes, looks like a bird. The pool is integrated into the backyard of the three-bedroom, four-bathroom house with a Jacuzzi.

Not everything is close in the life of a Minas Gerais native, a friend of the Kardashians, Hadid, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, who does not forget what he was doing, and participates in various social movements, aimed at the main It’s an LGBTQIA+ cause.

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