Google Maps: Are your family members safe at home? Did your children come home from school? Where are your friends This way we can easily find out where important people are through Google Maps. Let’s find out now.


First of all, you have to download Google Map on your mobile phone.


In Google Maps, choose ‘Location Sharing’ at the top right.


Contacts will appear after selecting Google Maps sharing. From them we have to select the contact we want to share the location with.


Whoever shares a location with you from the other side, their profile will appear. Location can be tracked after both parties accept location sharing.


Here is one more thing .. If someone shares their location with you .. Not every time they want to know where they are. This is why you can hide their contact after safely reaching your destination.


To hide someone’s profile on Google Maps, first click on the ‘Location Sharing’ option. You can then select the related contact and hide it in Google Maps.

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