3 “Lies” That Count in School and Hurt You in Business – Small Business Big Business

3 "Lies" That Count in School and Hurt You in Business - Small Business Big Business

To start This requires abandoning some popular beliefs – and even some lessons learned. school. entrepreneur Samuel Leeds, a millionaire in the real estate business in the United States goes ahead and says it is necessary to stop believing the “lies” told in school. “The school teaches how to be a good employee, not a good entrepreneur. If you stick to these ideas, they will keep you from reaching your full potential as a business leader.” entrepreneurial articles.

Many school lessons must be forgotten by anyone who wants to do it (Photo: Taylor Wilcox / Unsplash)

However, he points out that there are important lessons that are learned in school and that should not be forgotten. But these are the three following that he advises every entrepreneur to reconsider:

1. Do not copy
In school we learned that cheating on a coworker is cheating. In the business world, this can be a way to take a shortcut to success. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that the entrepreneur can appropriate someone else’s ideas or use resources protected by law, but the idea is to find someone who is successful, understands how that person got there and is similar. use strategies. In short: paste! “It means that most things have been done a million times before and you can learn from the mistakes of others.”

2. Know Everything Before You Apply
During school learning, we are guided and accustomed to learn everything before putting it into practice. In business, the opposite is true, especially in today’s world, where everything needs to be fixed with a “car already in motion”. “It’s only after you’ve implemented something that you really learned,” Leeds says.

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Entrepreneurs even say that many people don’t put great ideas into practice because they wait until they “know everything”. “Learn exactly what you need to know to get started and start again. Keep learning, reading, attending training and mentoring throughout your professional life, and improving as you progress .

3. Don’t Make a Mistake
The less you understand it in school, the less you will learn. Worse, there is still punishment for mistakes, no incentive to try something new. According to Leeds, in the world of entrepreneurship, this vision has to be the complete opposite. “Don’t let fear get to you. Take action and fix what doesn’t work along the way. Each challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

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