3 Technologies That Could Transform Retail in 2022 – Small Business Big Business

3 Technologies That Could Transform Retail in 2022 - Small Business Big Business

The coming year could represent a period of recovery for many. retailers. Closer to reality after the pandemic, the owner of Business Look for options to increase your productivity and reduce expenses.

One expert says shopping directly from the app is one of the trends (Photo: Reproduction/Pexel)

Experts Laura Kennedy, Consumer Analyst at CB Insights, shared Inc. Some of the technologies that could change the lives of retailers in the coming year.

in your opinion, automation Can bring more efficiency to employees, improve the margin of entrepreneurs. According to Kennedy, instead of taking the place of humans, technology aims to help people do better things. “It’s not eliminating, it’s complementing,” he said in an interview.

Next, check out three technologies running next year, according to Kennedy.

moving prices
For the specialist, technologies that optimize prices based on variants such as stocks and promotions will be a trend. For example, electronic labels, which are customized according to these factors, can increasingly be found in supermarkets. In addition, custom pricing algorithms based on each customer’s history, which tailor promotions and discounts to shoppers, can increasingly be sought by retailers.

Direct Purchases
Another technique that stands out in this field is the so-called “headless tool”, or headless tool, in free translation. But what does it mean? This feature refers to the software architecture that distances the consumer from tasks such as payment processing. One example is the technology used by Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, networks in which it is possible for a user to buy directly within the app without leaving the platform. “Any way to improve the customer encounter with your product will make shopping easier,” Kennedy said.

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smart Box
Another technology for shopping centers is smart boxes. Already used by some networks in the United States, the novelty allows shoppers to make their purchases without having to pass their purchases through a barcode scanner. At Kroger, the cart already has an on-board intelligent camera capable of reading it and accounting for total purchases, which must be paid for at an ATM upon exit.

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