3 types of holidays that will make you a better entrepreneur

3 types of holidays that will make you a better entrepreneur

The entrepreneur does not need rest, but restoration (photo: Pexels)

For many, holiday Relieving stress of daily life. “But the reality is that comfort is not the highest Business men Is needed now. Nigel Green says that they really need a restoration, Businessman And sales consultants, for Businessman.

He defines restorations as if something is broken, using the example of farmers who have learned that you cannot plant in the soil with the same seed, year after year and expect the same yield. And this creates a parallel with entrepreneurs. “No leader is immune to the stressful nature of leadership. That is why you should consider restorative holidays, not just rest. He cites three types of travel that can help:

Mental recovery

The businessman states that, in 2014, she participated in a business domain program in Las Vegas, in the United States, for five days. “The program was anything but the rest. The days were very long and I spent more than 14 hours a day in a cold conference room. But it also says the good side: “flew for a long time and I came back with a notebook full of ideas to implement in my business, but also with a restored work relationship”.

The tip is to explore conventions that will not only challenge you as an entrepreneur, but can also bring you closer to like-minded people.

Physical restoration

Taking time to train every day is not an easy task, so it is necessary to set aside a few days. “In 2019, I took a week off for a physically demanding trip to Colorado. Every day, I went up and down mountains, an average of 11 kilometers a day ”, Green says, adding that the trip was a setback to his physical system and put in a series of positive eating habits, exercise and sleep . Month.

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“Find a physically challenging venture and launch it for a week. When you return to the office, your work challenges will be comparatively small. “

Spiritual restoration

This is not necessarily a religious experience or a silent retreat. “Spiritual restoration is to remind ourselves of the reason why we work. You are more than your position or your company. Green says that entrepreneurship is a business to serve, and it is much larger than day-to-day work. One of the suggestions is to contact people who need some assistance. “Find a cause or charity that interests you and is applicable for a week. You may be surprised how much others will help you. “

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