365Dice and Adam Sandler put Netflix on top of Golden Raspberry’s Nominee · TV News

365Dice and Adam Sandler put Netflix on top of Golden Raspberry's Nominee · TV News

Netflix’s list is not just about successes. The streaming giants topped the list of worst films of the year after the revelations of the nominees for the 41st edition of Golden Raspberry 2021 this Friday (12). Among those responsible for the brand are 365 Days (2020) and Halloween by Hubby (2020), a film starring Adam Sandler, who received six and three nominations each.

The erotic drama splits the lead of the most hinted relationship with Dolittle (2020), the first feature after the Avengers starring Robert Downey Jr.: Ultimatum (2019) and considered a public failure.

Once Upon a Dream (2020), Oscar-winning director Ron Howard’s film Glenn Gloss and Amy Adams and Missy Wrong (2020) also garnered three nominations and helped grow Netflix’s strong list of candidates. Annie Hathaway, for her role in The Last Thing Her Wanted (2020), was named the worst actress and contributed to the stage prominence at the awards.

Curiosities are up for the nominations of Glenn Close (worst supporting actress) and Maria Baklova (the worst pair on the scene with Rudy Giuliani). Both actresses were remembered at the Golden Globe Awards, and Maria’s name is highly rated on this year’s Oscar list for her work on Borat: Next Cinema Tape (2020).

Formed in 1980, Golden Raspberry has become a major parody of the film award season in the United States. In some versions, it also counts on the presence of nominated actors.

The award was instituted by publicist John Wilson, who came up with the idea after a dual film session that showcased A Música Não Pode Parar (1980) and Xanadu (1980). Wilson held the first ceremony in his home’s living room in 1981.

See the full list below:

Worst movie

365 days
full proof
Fantasy island

Worst actor

Robert Downey, Jr. – Dolittle
Mike Lindell – Absolute Evidence
Michelle Moron – 365 days
Adam Sandler – Hey Halloween Hubby
David Spade – A Missy Arada

Worst actress

Anne Hathaway – The Last Thing He Wanted and Witches Convention
Katie Holmes – Dummy 2 and Secret: Dare to Dream
Kate Hudson – Music
Lauren Lapascus – A Missy Arada
Anna-Maria Sekkula – 365 days

Worst supporting actress

Glenn Close – Once Upon a Dream
Lucy Hale – Fantasy Island
Maggie Q – Ilha da Fantasia
Kristen Wiig – Wonder Woman 1984
Maddy Ziegler – Music

Worst supporting actor

Chevy Chase – The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee
Rudy Giuliani (as himself) – Borat: next film tape
Shia Lebeuf – Tax Collector
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Iron Mask
Bruce Willis – Breach, Hard Kill and Survive the Night

Worst director

Charles Band – All Barbie and Center movies
Barbara Balovas and Tomasz Mandas – 365 dias
Stephen Gagan – Dolittle
Ron Howard – Once Upon a Dream
Sia – Music

Worst script

365 days
All Barbie and Center movies
Fantasy island
once Upon a Dream

Worst remake, copy or sequence

365 days (Polish remake / Fifty shades of gray pluralism)
Dolittle (remake)
Fantasy Island (Remake / Rearing)
Hubby’s Halloween (remake / plagiarism of The Bobo and the Beast)
Wonder Woman 1984 (Sequence)

Worst screen match

Maria Baklova and Rudy Giuliani – Borat: Next Film Tape
Robert Downey Jr. and his Welsh accent – Dolittet
Harrison Ford and Fake Graphic Computer Dog – Call of the Jungle
Lauren LaPascus e David Spade – A Missy Erada
Adam Sandler and his screaming voice – Hubei Halloween

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