39 Camaro models found abandoned in barn


As we know there are many rare cars around the world. But this time, a farm located in Oklahoma in the United States has completely outdone itself. This is because in the place where there is a complex with 5 buildings, there are about 39 models hidden Chevrolet Camaro, No, you didn’t read wrong!

Built between 1968 and 1969, most of the versions found on the property are from the famous . are equipped with 7 liter V8 engine, However, it doesn’t stop there: Most also come with special factory settings, such as Rupees, which made the model’s look more unique. That is, it is basically an amusement park for those who are fans of the brand and, of course, sports fans.

The American YouTuber who followed this story, Peter Rose, was the owner of the channel. digitize On the stage. In the nearly 50-minute video (above), he talks about an invitation he received to stay with his friends for 3 days. The main purpose was to help classify vehicles and separate single parts. GM, which were scattered around the site.

According to Peter, this action was being taken because many of these models will go on sale in the coming months. In the main garage, there are cars that are already going through the process of restoration, as they have owners who, of course, would have paid a good amount at the time of purchase.

exclusive model

Of course, over time as they become unusable, many of these cars will need a good overhaul. To give you an idea, one of the models found was a Camaro 69 who apparently owns the package SS, It offered a V8 engine with over 350 horsepower and a unique styling, such as drawn stripes on the roof and hood, as well as the emblem of the variant.

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