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Diversity and inclusiveness is a subject that has gained ground in most business conversations in recent years. Either way, in practice there is still a long way to go. Therefore, to bring transparency and to strengthen the commitment to the theme, 3M has just launched Global Report on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

The document illustrates the development of the involvement of various groups in the company, the challenges the company faces when addressing the topic, and also presents the goals and strategic importance of diversity and inclusion in the organization. Sandra Barquillha, the company’s human resources director in Latin America and leader of the company’s D&I column in the region, says the publication is a picture of the company and that the steps ahead are more accurate.

“This is a great milestone, an initiative that brings a lot of transparency. With the report, we show our development and what we can improve. It is a strong commitment that will drive our next movements and actions ”

According to the executive, the global report reinforces the relevance of the debate on diversity, equity and inclusion in the company in recent years. Since 2017, a Chief Diversity Officer in the organization, N.M. Was the role played by Anaya. “We want to be more transparent about the diversity of our workforce. In the report, the executive said that we know that we need to take big and bold steps so that our employees reflect the diversity of our community.

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In 2020, a challenging year when it comes to the well-being of the people, 3M gave the subject even more strength by creating a global vice-president focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. Sandra talked about the movement:

“It is a clear demonstration that this discussion is no longer just an attempt by the HR sector to win a seat in the business”

This movement evaluates the director, the company should gain even more globally. In Brazil, the subject has been on the agenda for at least five years, but it was from the creation of affinity groups that the results were accelerated. “It is necessary to create these places to talk about the subject so that people can open up and create awareness. Based on this, we were identifying the concerns and creating an opportunity to work to address them ”, he says.

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With a similar effort in each of its operations, 3M has achieved good results globally. Between 2015 and 2020, the presence of women in the organization increased from 33.9% to 36.6%. In leadership, in the posts of Vice-President, female participation is 34.7%. It also has a share of 24.8% of professionals who identify themselves as belonging to different races and ethnicities, with 31.7% foreigners, other than professionals who were born outside the United States, where the organization’s headquarters are located.

The sense of belonging has also improved in recent years: 71% of the company’s employees said they were included in the organization in a survey conducted in 2017. Last year, this percentage increased to 76%. Ann, Chief Diversity Officer, the report highlights the importance of these achievements for the 3M ecosystem:

“Our employees, shareholders, customers and future talents have high expectations that we will be a leader in influencing the need for change in our culture, internally and externally.”

For Sandra, “it is the one thing that allows us to understand where we are to outline an effective reform plan”. According to him, after the release of the report, there is a strong expectation that the changes will happen even faster, with more robust outreach. Sandra talked about this:

“In addition to promoting inclusion internally, promoting diversity and expanding leadership commitment to the topic, we want to take this awareness with 3M. We hope to encourage our employees to spread this culture among their families and communities. “

As stated in the EN Diversity and Inclusion Report, “long-term changes require a long-term commitment” – something that 3M is ready to do. Because creating a more diverse environment may not be quick, but correspondingly, there is a need to build brick by brick.

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