5 Educational Nintendo Switch Games

The technological advancements of the modern era have made gaming a more accessible pastime for kids, with so many games being produced regularly. As parents, you are aware of the variety of video gaming apps out there, and it’s okay to worry about what your kids are playing.

If you have been on the lookout for the best gaming systems to purchase for your kids, the Nintendo Switch is one you should look out for. Asides from the fact that it came with its own satisfactory set of games, it is easy to add more to this system as you wish. Plus, you can always connect it to your TV seamlessly and play video games on the go!

There are plenty of educational Nintendo games that you can download for your child. Gamified learning is advancing, and the young ones are wholly accepting because they learn new things using games as a concept.

In this article, we will describe five educational Nintendo switch games that can help your child learn and have fun all at the same time.

Game Builder Garage

If you’re looking for interesting educational Switch games for your children, then this is one you should immediately check out. Also, for parents whose ward is interested in game design and programming, this is a great start.

This game has two modes: Interactive gaming and Free programming. In the interactive game sessions, your kid will be taken through all the steps Nintendo game makers followed to build their favorite games. Although this game is not free, you will get your money’s worth because your kid would be walked through the design and programming of seven different games.

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In the programming mode, your kid can apply all the knowledge they got from the interactive sessions to create their designs. Hands-on learning is assured with this because as they learn, your kid will see everything the gamer and programmer see on their screen and find it very easy to follow instructions to the letter.

Nintendo Labo Kits

Another Nintendo switch game that is extremely beneficial for your child’s progress is the Nintendo variety kit. If you have a kid who loves to build stuff, you might want to consider this for them.

This Nintendo video game contains parts for five different projects. There are two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con fishing rod, a Toy-Con Motorbike, and a Toy-Con fishing rod. Each of these parts can be brought to life using the Nintendo switch controllers and console.

The kit also contains stickers, markers, paint, and spare parts for these creations. This game requires a Nintendo switch to play, but if you have other systems, there are other similar options that you can play online or on console. Check out some PS4 educational games, and you will be awed at the selections available.


For years, mathematics has remained a constant worry for young scholars and their parents. So many children find math a challenge, and as they get older, it becomes even more worrisome.

It is now easier for children to grasp mathematical concepts and figures that they have always found a bother with gamified learning because it is being presented as a game.

With MathLand, players solve simple math equations as they navigate the seven seas on a pirate adventure. With over twenty levels of game time, they will solve their fair share of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so on if they want to survive.

Besides teaching them mathematics on a golden platter, players would also learn quick thinking because they would get to time-sensitive levels and would be required to solve equations at the speed of light. For children who are just starting foundational math, this is great.

Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia

If your child is a lover of nature, then this one is great for them. In this, you wander the scenery as a little mouse with a magnifying glass, and as the mouse perches on anything, a new page is formed with information about it.

“Nature is very vast. We have so many animals on land, water, and air it might be a little difficult to answer curious questions that your kid might have. With this game, not only will they learn so much about the beautiful nature around them, they will have so much fun doing it,” one of our professional writers at PapersOwl advises parents.

It is particularly great for young ones due to the animated illustrations and cartoon-style objects you would find, but learning is guaranteed. Also, you don’t have to worry about language because this Nintendo switch game comes in 18 different languages and provides an amazing interactive mode beneficial to every child.


This is one switch game that is great for a kid who loves science and has curious questions about the human body. In this virtual world, aliens have taken over the earth, and the only way to survive is by turning yourself into a micro being and entering into your best friend’s body.

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However, it becomes interesting when a team of scientists comes into the picture and helps you navigate your way through the organs and bloodstream by teaching you all there is to know about the body. Playing video games has never been more enjoyable.

You will also play various scientific challenges with these aliens and learn so much about all the body processes easily. Published by Artax, this is purely for children’s entertainment and will be great to help your child learn about their body in the most interesting way.


Thankfully, it is easy to monitor what your kid does on their screen these days. There are various settings you can use to ensure they are properly using their devices. With these games, you can be sure that they are learning something to improve themselves academically while having fun.

Although they are not free, it is only a small price to pay to improve our child’s analytical and critical thinking. Gamified learning is expanding, and with these options, it is only a matter of time before they start to perform like geniuses in the classroom.

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