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‘Barbecue Champions’ series is one of Netflix’s gastronomic attractions Photo: Netflix

while waiting Iron Chef Brazil doesn’t make it to the catalog Netflix As of early August, don’t worry: The streaming service has a slew of options for reality shows that please those who like good competition shows. The options are varied: from pastry chefs trying to make realistic cakes to professional grillers straining to make the perfect meat. All fun to watch.

See some tips below gastronomy reality show to watch at home.

Final Table: May Best Win

Netflix has perhaps the most daring project in the realm of gastronomy final table, The 2018 production brought together some of the world’s best chefs in one dynamic proposition: At each event, couples cook dishes typical of a certain country. This includes Mexico, Spain, India, the United States, Brazil, among others. Although the episodes tend to exaggerate the duration of about an hour, going beyond what they should, final table Keeps the viewer glued to the screen, especially if you already enjoy similar contests, like master Chef, However, most interestingly, the quality of the contestants makes the show entertaining not only for its competitive edge but also educative, with chefs from across the globe showcasing their creations.

pastry squad

Rarely commented on the confectionery reality show, but fun in the right measure, pastry squad There is a dynamic similar to what is seen in final table: Each episode, a different theme. However, what has changed here is that it is less a competition reality show and more of showcasing skills and wooing the audience. No elimination at the end of each episode: Points earned by each contestant count, divided into areas of knowledge and the need to think of sweets for different occasions. While it’s nice to see cakes, sweets and even sugar figurines, it’s hard not to be glued to the screen with realistic, huge and delicious chocolate figurines.

sugar rush

Speaking of confectionery, there is an equally fun reality show sugar rush, With the talented Adriano Zumbo and Candace Nelson on the attraction’s jury, the show featured four different couples each competing for the prize. The idea here is to follow a thematic path and offer cupcakes, sweets and a creative and well decorated cake as the day proposes. Whoever goes through the two initial stages and ends up with the most beautiful, delicious and amazing cake wins. Due to the turnover of the participants, sugar rush The food competition shows on Netflix are probably the most fun, light, and enjoyable to watch. After all, apart from various topics, the reality show brings tight schedules with surprise contestants for good and bad.

Barbecue Champions

It’s impossible to ignore, except a little of the confectionery universe Barbecue Champions, reality show, which follows the elimination format of each episode, as in a master Chef, showcases a group of barbecue chefs who need to impress the judges with the most different types of barbecue. Perfect beef cooked on the grill is a chip. Over the course of eight episodes, contestants must demonstrate that they know how to roast a whole pig, cook exotic meats, and even build their own grill, just like they did in the old days. It’s fun and got good ratings from judges Melissa Cookston and Kevin Bledsoe.

is that cake?

Last, but not least, is one of the biggest Netflix sensations of recent times. is that cake? Ride the TikTok fever of realistic cakes and challenge bakers to create versions of these desserts that look like everyday objects. It has reproductions of fast food, beach items, clothes, toys and even party items. Everything is evaluated by guest judges, who at the end of each event try to get it right, what’s the cake and what’s the actual item. Although the program is a bit lost in the jokes, it is light and fun, showing just how surprising Cake can be.

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