5 new features that WhatsApp will release soon…!

5 new features that WhatsApp will release soon...!
WhatsApp, the most popular app in the world of instant messaging, is used by millions of people around the world every day. That’s why WhatsApp is constantly providing many new features and updates to give better experience to the users. In such a situation, the company is currently focusing on new features for usability, privacy and other things.

The company recently came up with a tool to create custom stickers for WhatsApp Web. It is reported that it will soon be introduced for mobile and desktop apps. Meanwhile, below are some of the key features coming soon to WhatsApp.

Time limit to delete messages.

WhatsApp has recently announced that it will extend the time limit for users to delete their messages, as the time limit for users to delete a message sent to an individual or group accidentally or unintentionally is currently 1 hour, is 8 minutes and 16 seconds. Now it is being said that the company is testing the time limit of 7 days 8 minutes.

playback controls..

WhatsApp is said to soon allow users to further adjust the playback speed of audio messages or voice notes. WhatsApp specifically works on the possibilities of forwarding voice notes. Users will now be able to listen to live voice messages faster by increasing 2X speed, as well as speed up forwarded voice notes as per the latest update.

Privacy settings for Lost Seen, Profile Photo.

WhatsApp is also testing the feature that allows users to hide their last WhatsApp, profile photo and status from specific contacts. WhatsApp currently provides 3 options to the users. “Everyone,” “Nobody” and “My Contacts” for their profile photo and lost view. Provides included privacy settings. WhatsApp will soon add “Except My Contacts…” option.

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Photo editor ..

Earlier this month, WhatsApp officially announced this feature. The company said that it is working on bringing the photo editor to WhatsApp Web. It allows users to add stickers and text from any WhatsApp screen or crop and rotate their photos.

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sticker maker for mobile app

Currently WhatsApp only allows users to send stickers using pre-loaded or third party sticker boxes. However, recent reports suggest that the company will soon allow iOS and Android users to create their own stickers.

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