5 tips for realizing yourself at work – forpoca Negócios

5 tips for realizing yourself at work - forpoca Negócios

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Kovid-19 brought enormous challenges to society, both individually and professionally. Before the epidemic, being held in a company was the goal of many professionals, even between satisfaction and happiness for some. But now, after more than a year of Kovid-19, with entering and exiting countries, with restrictions on the freedom to travel, to find loved ones, to go to office, we are professionally ourselves Can I think of how to complete?

The advent of vaccines created a sense of hope, but after the trauma of 2020, we need to focus on what really matters, namely our physical and mental health, to rejuvenate and recharge our batteries.

The epidemic has put mental health at the forefront. According to a survey by the Ipsos Institute commissioned by the World Economic Forum, 53% of Brazilians declared that their mental state had deteriorated slightly in the past year. Statistics in the United States show that 4 out of 10 adults have experienced some symptoms of anxiety and depression since the onset of the epidemic, a number that quadruples with the epidemic. Methods of eating and sleeping have been disrupted and substance abuse is increasing. Other countries such as China and the United Kingdom have shown similar results.

In fact, an environment of uncertainty and perceived threats related to Kovid-19 can lead to feelings of stress, fear, and anxiety. In addition to health risks, the epidemic has messed up our lives with school closures, remote work and lack of contact with colleagues, friends and family. Although some people have adapted appropriately to this “new reality”, the situation remains very difficult and challenging for many.

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After more than a year of the epidemic, here are some tips that can help you realize your professional life.

1. Maintain Contact
It is important not to feel isolated or forgotten, so it is important to stay in contact with other people, even if virtually. Any personal contact, even a phone call to wish a colleague a good weekend, is an easy but effective way to reduce attention and a sense of isolation from colleagues. Sharing and bonding with other people is a basic requirement, as is eating and sleeping, so attention is necessary.

2. Be Flexible
It is necessary to develop and strengthen resilience to cope with change. It helps us overcome adversities and makes us stronger. In the long run, flexibility prepares us to deal with the stresses and failures of a better future. For this, the practice of gratitude is extremely beneficial, as it helps us to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, rather than those not working.

3. Practice physical activity
Mental and physical health are interlinked, so moving forward is a priority! Regular exercise such as walking, running or cycling is highly beneficial for physical and therefore mental well-being. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, especially mindfulness meditation, are also great ways to stay healthy and reduce stress. Regular sleep and balanced diet also help in keeping our body and mind healthy.

4. Know Your Limits
Employee burn cases have increased since last year. Unfortunately, the boundaries between work and leisure are often blurred when you are working from home, so it is necessary to set the rules, disconnect and set a time to rest. Take advantage of your free time to relax and do what you like and connect to recharge your battery. It is clear that it is important to complete all professional tasks, but not at the cost of your health. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to your HR department or your boss to find a solution and overcome the pressure. Everybody will benefit.

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5. Prioritize Your Wellbeing
Finally, many of us working from home care for children, partners, parents, and even vulnerable neighbors. Many of us are willing to give priority to others, but just like in an emergency in an aircraft, when they ask you to put oxygen masks on your face before saving those next to you, It is important to remember that in order to take care of others and work efficiently, we must first take care of ourselves. Everyone around you, in your personal and professional life, will benefit. By taking care of each other, getting together, we can contribute to facilitate the current situation, and not only survive, but also be thrilled and fulfilled.

* Sophie Hennekam is Professor at Audencia Business School

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