5 tips for successful videoconferencing meetings

5 tips for successful videoconferencing meetings

Telecom has led to the almost systematic use of videoconferencing meetings. A difficult exercise to meet leaders to make them relevant, engaging and effective. Whiscom’s co-founder, Charlie Clerk, is an oral strategy firm that advises how to communicate effectively and humanly by videoconference.

Video access is mandatory. ” You have to look at the camera on the face so that the members of the meeting feel that you are watching them. To do this, you can stick a post in front of the camera and hold the camera at face height to remember to see it. “, And Evley with Charlie Clerk

The topic of facilitating the meeting is very important. ” It has to be assumed that there is a leader, a facilitator of the meeting who clearly states the stakes of the meeting and distributes the floor. »

Talk directly to your teams. ” When you express yourself as a business leader or manager, use a straight voice and don’t speak in the third person. “, Advises the entrepreneur.

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