5 WhatsApp updates that were ‘blacklisted’ by many

5 WhatsApp updates that were 'blacklisted' by many

With each update released by WhatsAppUsers expect it to be something that will bring utility to day-to-day tasks or innovation in the way messages are sent and received. However, these modifications are not always well received by users.

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In fact, some of the available upgrades are controversial and may upset the public using it. messanger To communicate with friends, family or for professional purposes. Check out some of these updates and see if they aren’t part of your “blacklist” of changes.

5 WhatsApp updates that a lot of people hate

Here’s a list of things that might have upset many people on the app, including you:

1. Unwanted Camera Zoom

From June 2021, the app’s camera began to apply a zoom effect that resulted in excessive zooming of the image.

The effect returned to normal only after the photo was taken. This change, which came after the update in the beta version of WhatsApp, was nothing but a bug, which was soon fixed.

2. Archived conversations without notifications

The update was released in July last year and generated a lot of buzz. The complaint came from users who only sent old, but not unwanted, messages in an archived conversation session.

Such a change has caused many people to miss messages due to lack of notification. On the other hand, those who used the function to store confidential conversations approved the initiative.

3. Updated Privacy Policy

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change in whatsapp privacy policy Early 2021 brought a lot of buzz. This is because the new term provides for the sharing of data and user interactions with partner companies on Facebook (which was not meta at the time).

Information that can be shared includes: IP address, activities in the app, and phone number.

4. WhatsApp Status

The feature to post something new so that all contacts have access is an innovation that WhatsApp implemented in 2017. For comparison purposes, WhatsApp Status is a tool that is largely similar. stories from Instagram.

Despite an effort to please users, many disapproved of the interface changes caused by the new tool. What happens is that the Status tab took the place that was previously the “Contacts” tab. This one, it’s worth noting, was redirected to the more hidden and inaccessible buttons.

5. Color Change

Even though it happened in September 2021, the color change of WhatsApp for Android phones still left a lot of people upset. The light green that is now used in the app’s navigation bar, as well as in the chat bubble, is definitely a unanimous no-no.

At the time of the change, many Internet users complained about the new color palette of the application. However, spirits soon calmed down and the topic that had previously made it to the top Google Trends posts was paving the way for other discussions. But the truth is that many people still prefer the darker green they used earlier.

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