50 years in Cancun

50 years in Cancun
50 years in Cancun

50 years in Cancun

Priscilla was not at all like imagining the celebrations around Camara Giménez’s 50th birthday. Due to the present moment, the long-dreamed party for the London photographer, who lives in the United States with her husband, Renato, and her daughter, Rebecca, has been canceled. “After not being able to travel for long, we decided to go to Cancun as soon as we received our first dose of vaccine. All of the hotels are working with half the occupant and with safety and hygiene measures never seen before, he reveals to FOLHA. “I started very busy with my work in the studio and I really needed this rest,” he said. Vida is exclusive to a photo column signed by local photographers Omar and Dani from Linda Photography

Unprecedented course

Journalists Carol Avancini and Erica Zanon opened the 2021 Agenda with the online course “Communications for Small Businesses”. With more than ten years of experience helping companies communicate with their audiences, they created an unprecedented curriculum that focuses on building strategies to build good relationships with customers. Objective, authority and relevance are some of the concepts that will be discussed in the meeting. This proposal is intended to take participants to reflect on their business with a fresh perspective in order to develop efficient and personalized strategies. The course will take place on Thursday, April 15 at 7 pm, with registration by Simpla.

50 years in Cancun

The couple

Barbara Calavara and Isabella Roberto registered through Bosco Ferraro’s lens on the Bosolo roof

Good News

– A well-known brand whose hit table item sets open in Londrina. The premiere is scheduled for the second semester.

– Businessman Gabriel Botura is working with the opening of another unit of his Kings store: the new address will be at Boulevard Londrina Shopping.

– In the list of novels, at Boulevard Londrina Shopping, businessman Diego Cruz opened his .tica do Lago location.

this Tuesday …

Cinara Bastos, Lilian Koga, Giovanna Donini and Rodrigo Pirolli are celebrating their birthday this Tuesday, April 13.

50 years in Cancun

The trio

Rafaela Garcia, Ana Maria Dekech and Sophia Fabretti smiled for the record of Bruno Ferraro in Guanacara

Less, much less …

If friction was not enough due to the political situation, it is now Quiproquo due to the preferred participant in the BBB. People are breaking up friendships because of this or that partner’s support in this or that partner. Less, much less …

On the courtyard

After several expectations, apera Arte restaurant makes its debut at Pátio Batel in Curtiba. The new address, on the third floor, belongs to the same group that manages the restaurant named Eparma de Army and has an internal project signed by the architect Isa Pilagallo.

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