6 apps to watch football live on mobile

6 apps to watch football live on mobile

People who like to watch football matches on their cell phones need not limit themselves to cover the scoreboard: there are many applications that allow them to watch matches live. Some support streaming on smart TVs and Chromecast and Apple TV devices, allowing playback on larger screens.

Among the options, there are free services and others that require payment of a subscription to access the content. The available championships are diverse: they include championships in grassroots categories, national competitions and club tournaments in Europe. Below, see a list of the main apps for watching Football Live!

OneFootball broadcasts free via the application (Picture: André Magalhães / screenshot)

Onefootball is a news and results app about the world’s major football leagues. Since 2020, it has started broadcasting matches from the Lig 1 and the Bundesliga to the elites of the Brazilian region, France and Germany respectively. Just access the application and search for a list of available games, some with statements and comments in Portuguese. If you missed a match, you can reach the best moments.

The app includes different modalities broadcasts (image: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

DAZN is a subscription sports streaming service. Football gained a prominence in the methods included in the catalog, with the broadcast of Brasileiro Serie C and the Premier League, the first division of the English Championship, including live matches and on-demand content. The service can be subscribed for $ 19.90 per month and new subscribers are entitled to a free month.

The UEFA Champions League is depicted on stage (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

EI Plus Esporte is a paid streaming platform for interativo channels. The highlight of the catalog is the UEFA Champions League, the main competition between clubs in Europe, with all matches being broadcast. There are also selected matches for Brasileiro Serie A, the first division of the Brazilian Championship, and Elementary Games for teams from Europe and South America. Monthly membership is R $ 19.90 per month and available for the annual plan. Divided into 12 installments of R $ 13.90. However, some Champions League matches are streamed free through Esporte Intertivo’s Facebook page.

MyCujoo brings together championships from different countries and levels (image: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

MyCujoo is an app for those who take a breath of football, regardless of the league in question. The free forum features basic football covering various countries, competitions for professional football and futsal for men and women. In addition to live matches, it provides bids and targets from previously aired games.

The premiere airs the main national matches (image: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

Premier Play is a membership service for major national tournaments. Brasileirão Série A, Brasileirão Série B, Copa do Brasil and some state championships are present in the package, which can be subscribed to on television or on the Internet through an app or browser. Three plans are available: monthly, for R $ 79.90 per month; Annual, with a monthly value of R $ 59.90 per month in a one-time charge; And a package with Globoplay, for $ 84.90 per month.

The application provides broadcasts to customers (image: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

The ESPN Channel app gathers news, alarms and watchfulnessPN with live broadcasts of the station’s content. In addition to sports such as basketball and football, it is possible to follow championship matches in England, Spain and the United States. Access to live content depends on the subscription of channels according to the television operator.

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