60% of Americans reject Biden, says poll

60% of Americans reject Biden, says poll

Inflation crisis, economy, performance and the age of the president were the issues cited by voters.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, is facing a high degree of disapproval for running again for the presidency. according to research new York Times And Siena College Released this Monday (July 11, 2022), 64% of Democrats preferred a different candidate in the country’s next presidential election. His government’s approval rating is 33 per cent.

Overall, Biden is liked by 60% of Americans. The pass rate is 33 percent. The data was collected from July 5 to 7, 2022, through calls to cell phones and landlines. 849 registered voters were heard. The margin of error is 4.1 percentage points.

Concerns about the economy and the country’s inflation crisis contributed to 77% of respondents who responded that they believed the U.S. “in the wrong direction”, Meanwhile, the rate of voters who say the country is “right way” 13% is – the lowest point in the survey teams for over a decade.

Among Republican voters, the Biden administration is approved by 89% and 8%. Among independent voters, 68% registered for disapproval and 25% for approval. For Democratic voters, the approval rating is 70% against 25% who disapprove of the president’s performance.

Only 29% of Democrats approved Biden’s re-election in 2024. Biden’s age was cited by 33% of party voters as reasons why 61% want a different candidate. Government performance and preference for a fresh candidate appear at 32% and 12% respectively. Another 10% said they’d like someone more progressive.

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For 20% of all respondents, employment and the economy are the most important issues facing the country. Inflation and cost of living show up at 15%.

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