68% of parents believe that their children became less active during the pandemic – Revista Kreiser

68% of parents believe that their children became less active during the pandemic - Revista Kreiser

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Months of social isolation interfered with children’s routines and how they exercised. A survey conducted by the NGO Youth Sport Trust (UK) showed that 68% of parents say that their children now perform less physical activity than the epidemic.

The purpose of the survey was to understand what had changed in children’s sports routines in the past year. 1,109 parents were interviewed for this. Of this total, only 15% stated that their children maintained the same pace of physical activities.

+ Pediatricians warn about the importance of social interaction for children

The results also showed that the majority of children are doing little exercise: 78% do less than an hour of sports a day. Meanwhile, 11% are fully sedentary.

According to the NGO’s executive chairman, Ali Oliver, these numbers are directly linked to the closure of schools. Without going to school, many children did not get a chance only that they had to exercise regularly.

“We know that the last year has had a significant impact on the well-being of young people. It is highly worrying that so many parents have seen a decline in the busyness of young people in physical activity. After a year of great change and inactivity, the essential role of schools in keeping children active has never been more important, ”he said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper.

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