76ers president Darrell Moore doesn’t necessarily plan to bring the rocket short-ball style to Philadelphia

76ers president Darrell Moore doesn't necessarily plan to bring the rocket short-ball style to Philadelphia

During his later stint with the Houston Rocket, Darrell Moore, president of the new Philadelphia 76ers basketball operations, became famous for employing a short-ball extreme style that featured a guard and forward, but not a traditional center. Moray looked at everything in this style, and he made an ironic point about it when he traded Clint Capilla, Ston Stun’s starting center, just before last season’s trading deadline.

Looking at his history, many wondered if Mori would see an imitation of the short-ball style he used with the Sixers in Houston; A team that is currently formed in a way that is really polar against a small-ball team. During his inaugural press conference with the Sixers this week, Moray addressed the issue and made it clear that he was in favor, not a trick.

“We were trying to build the best team around our talent at Houston,” Morey said of his use of the ball with the rocket. “But here, Doc [Rivers] Do we have to carry the talents we have and use them to the best of our ability … The goal is not to shoot three-pointers. The goal is to win. There are different ways you can score on a crime.

“I think the best way to win the NBA is to bring in your talents and figure out how to make the most of them,” Moray added. “It’s not about bringing in your talent and hammering it into a particular system. It’s about trying to get the most out of you.”

Yes, in recent years in Stun, Moray has not used a traditional big man. In Philadelphia, he inherited one of the best in the NBA at Joel Embed, and Moray made it clear that he was very excited about the opportunity to work with Embid. Although Moray’s recent rocket teams did not use the traditional giant, it is important to note what his team’s previous rounds did. He named Yoo Ming as the main man in the middle of the first rocket teams, and in 2013 he signed Dwight Howard into free agency while Star Center was still near the pinnacle of his powers. This shows that he is clearly not a big man, as some have suggested.

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“Joel is an impressive, influential big man,” Moray said of Embed. “I am just happy to be back. I worked with Yao Ming. We came very close to Yao Ming in Houston and I think we can go all the way with Joel… it doesn’t take long to see. Joel is on the floor and he is healthy and he has been here twice a day for a long time, he is very focused and motivated. He is an incredible defensive team and the fact that he is a very good offensive player. Joel is a kind of player. If you look at NBA history, you have won the championship. ”

To hammer the house into how he feels about the embed, Moray used a common hypothetical question he often had when he ended up in Houston.

“I used to get this question in Houston, which was like, ‘What would you do if you had vegetables?’ My response was, “I’ll give Shack the ball 100 times in the game,” said Moray. “Joel is a genius at both ends.”

Sure, Mori could have tried to say all the right things in public on his first day, but he was really impressive in his praise of Embed. Walking on the short ball, and falling short of winning the NBA title, it’s quite possible that Mori is eager for a change in style.

As a good executive, Mori will obviously listen to your best efforts and offers. A recent report also suggested that Philadelphia rocket star James Harden would take over after the offseason. While the Sixers can chase Harden, a deal seems unlikely. There is no indication that Houston is ready to move beyond Harden. In addition, to acquire a player of Harden’s ability, the Sixers will likely have to compete with either Embed or Ben Simmons, and both Mori and Reverse have made it clear that they believe The pair of embedded and simmons can win at the highest level.

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Even if the Sixers traded for Harden, that doesn’t mean the little one will come with him. The Sixers could pair Harden and Embed to pair the inside and outside. Mori tried to do the same in Houston when he acquired Howard in 2013. Things didn’t work out for the rocket at the time, but that doesn’t mean the approach won’t work in Philadelphia.

Some aspects of Houston’s style under Moray will surely make its way into Philadelphia. You can expect the Sixers to add more shooting to the offseason; An area they missed last season, and should have known who was calling the shots regardless. You can also expect the team to grow in speed, Something indicated by Doc Rivers In his inaugural press conference but when there are some similarities, don’t expect the Sixers under Moray to be a perfect replica of the recent rocket teams.


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