8-year-old Brasiliens clinches international title in golf

8-year-old Brasiliens clinches international title in golf

Young Brasilians, just 8 years old bella simos It is already a source of great pride for parents and Brasilia. After winning the Golf World Championship in 2020, Bella repeated the feat and led Brasilia to another trophy from the main golf tournament in 2021.

Now, the younger DF golfer is getting ready to try out her third world championship in the United States by training in Florida. Bella’s mother, Adriana Simoes, says her parents noticed their daughter’s talent for the sport early on at the Brasilia Golf Club, where she had her first contact with the game.

“She went when she was just two years old, got a taco and fell in love. I told Rose to go. Then she started participating and winning tournaments in Brazil, USA, Mexico and Italy. And it made her Wanted to improve even more”, Adriana revealed.


Even at such a young age, Bella already has a successful career in sports. In addition to two world titles, the mini-athlete was also a South American champion and ranks with achievements in competitions in the United States. But apart from talent, the little girl is also devoted to sports and combines her studies with training. “She loves it! She enjoys golf. She watches videos of pros every day… She’s passionate about the game”, says Adriana.

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talk to metros, the untimely Brasiliens speaks volumes about her love for the sport she practices from a very young age. “I started when I was two and a half years old and I want to encourage a lot of people. I love sports and every day I learn something new and the more I train, the better I get”, says Bela.

Bella trains at Don Law Golf Academy in Florida, where she and her mother spend time. The main competitions begin in April and the calendar ends with the World Championships. At the World Cup, Bella is accompanied by Professor Bruno Freitas, who has been guiding the Brazilian team since winning the tournament in 2020.

Now, the young golfer from Brasilia is on her way to her third world title, in August, ending the season’s competition cycle. And that the already successful career has yet to complete 9 years of life.

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