A boy named Christmas | Watch the movie today on Netflix!

A boy named Christmas |  Watch the movie today on Netflix!

It’s exactly one month for one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year: The Natal! And knowing the magical and enchanting power this time imparts, Netflix It’s just made one of its main Christmas bets this year available in its catalogue: the movie ,a boy called christmas, based on best seller British of the same name.

The feature, which has a strong cast in the adaptation, was filmed in the first half of 2019 and recorded in various locations in Europe, distributed in Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. There, the title will debut in theaters through the distributor. Studio Canal. Internationally, however, it will be distributed as a original production Netflix.

Considering the promising and attractive character of this film, Sagas. About this Decided to highlight some elements that will surely convince you to watch ,A boy called Christmas” as soon as possible. check out:

The Plot of “A Boy Called Christmas”

A Boy Called Christmas: The film follows the adventures of 12-year-old boy Nichols (Image: Promotions/Netflix).

As we talked about earlier, ,A boy called Christmas” is a fictional work by a British author based on the book of the same name published in late 2015 Matt Hygo, movie like a book Netflix You will also delve into the classic themes of Christmas mythology as you follow the adventures of a boy named Nicholas affectionately nicknamed ,of birth,

In the plot, he will embark on a journey in search of his father, who sets out in search of a potential called elf village Elfheim, The boy seeks the city that can be found by the one who nurtures him true faith in christmas, There, however, he learns that humans are not very welcome there and ends up in a dungeon. troll Hungry this is a true ghost, Can’t lie.

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Nicholas, Therefore, you are faced with the challenge of winning elves believe and try save the christmas spirit, which is down at the moment. For that, he must find his father in time and overcome a series of obstacles.

Movie Cast and Crew

a boy named Natakali
Maggie Smith is one of the cast of “A Boy Called Christmas” (Image: Hype/Netflix).

Despite presenting itself as an obvious Christmas story, the main cast of ,A boy called Christmas” Brings together big names in British dramaturgy: Actor Henry Lawful, by short chain “Sad” (2018), youth will play Nicholas in the movie, and they’re joined by the stars Jim Broadbent (Harry Potter; Game of Thrones), Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water; Blue Jasmine) and Maggie Smith (Harry Potter; Downton Abbey).

Besides them, actors join the cast. zoe colletti (Annie; Wildlife), michael huisman (Flock; Kate), Toby Jones (Harry Potter; Captain America – The First Avenger), rune teme (Captain Marvel; Flying High), points to watson (Award winning; Radioactive), joel fry (Cruella; Tomorrow), Stephen Merchant (Logan; The Tooth Fairy) and kristen wiego (Wonder Woman 1984; Ghostbusters).

The person responsible for directing the film is the filmmaker Gil Cannon |, famous for presentations of “Monster House” (2006) E “City of Shadows” (2008). He also participated in the adaptation of the original script, where he collaborated with the filmmaker. ol parker (Mamma Mia! – Here We Go Again!; The Exotic Marigold Hotel). is the producer of the film graham broadbent (Emma; love and innocence) and Pete Zernin (The Last Love Letter; The Exotic Hotel Marigold).

Is It Worth Watching “A Boy Called Christmas”?

“A Boy Called Christmas” is perfect for those who love Christmas movies and British cinema (Image: PRESS RELEASE/Netflix).

As mentioned earlier, the film has two main features: Christmas Themed Plot and with artists Big names in British cinema, If you’re a fan of one of these elements, check it out “A Boy Called Christmas” This is one of your most important tasks for the next few days.

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Despite apparently being a children’s film that brings mythological elements of Christmas to reality, the film is fitting and should bring nice message for the whole family, In addition, it also serves as a way to get in the mood for one of the happiest times of the year where values ​​such as unity, hope and fellowship are celebrated in different countries around the world.

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Watch the trailer of the film:

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