A client and some software error “thrown” the Internet

A client and some software error "thrown" the Internet

Increasingly, the cloud computing company responsible for Tuesday’s major crash on several news media websites around the world announced today that the problem was caused by a software bug when one of its customers changed their settings. his account.

Yesterday’s global crash, which also affected the White House and British government websites, only raised questions about the Internet dependency of some companies.

“The loss was widespread and severe, and we are deeply saddened by the impact on our customers and those who trust them,” Fastley said in a post signed by Nick Rockwell, a senior company executive. He said that the company should be prepared for this problem.

with speed insisted that he would consider and will explain For reasons they didn’t detect a software error during the tests they did.

The company reported that the bug was in a software update that it sent out to its customers on May 12 and was activated when one of its customers changed the settings, causing the program to malfunction, leaving 85% of Fastly’s network. was affected.

The company detected the problem at 12:47 Greek time, a minute after it occurred, and its technicians resolved it at 13:27. “Within 49 minutes, 95% of our network was up and running,” explained Fast.

history of blackout

Yesterday, a blackout on the Internet affected big companies such as Amazon, eBay, Spotify, Reddit, Vimeo, PayPal, Twitch and others, while the UK government website “collapsed”.

Financial Times reported in a report that important websites may be down To obstruct for the citizens who were trying to make an appointment for a vaccination Or state the result of their test.

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sometimes some of these website was running very slow And then again “fell”, which means that the problem was not solved. Some websites, such as the BBC, have managed to temporarily bypass the problem by moving their functionality to other servers, which, however, do not have the power of Fastly.

After its first announcement that it was investigating a “potential impact on the performance of CDN services”, as most FAST coverage areas were experiencing “degrading performance”, the company stated that the problem had been identified, as follows. Cyber ​​attack scenario ruled out.

fast went public in 2019 and is worth about $5 billion. However, it is smaller than its competitors such as Amazon’s AWS. The company helps websites move content by using less “crowded” channels to reach consumers faster.

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