A new useful feature has emerged in the Monobank application –

A new useful feature has emerged in the Monobank application -

The co-founder of Monobank told users about the new application feature. Its essence is to hide the account balance. The option should appeal to fans to send payment receipts using screenshots.


According to Oleg Gorkowski, the application has many tools to confirm the fact of payment for goods (services). Despite this, many users prefer the old-fashioned way to report on transactions using screenshots. As a result, the recipient of the screenshot can view the amount of money in the account of the sender of the receipt. The new option will eliminate the specified difference.

To hide the amount of money available on the account, tapping on the number twice is sufficient.


Earlier, Gorokhovsky complained about the inadvertence of users, causing customers not to use Expensive gift From the developers of the application.

You can read other suggestions, recommendations and complaints from the co-founder of Monobank here.

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