Abandoned and unused Fiat 147 found after 35 years | cars

Abandoned and unused Fiat 147 found after 35 years |  cars
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The So-Called “Cascotte Brothers” Dropped a Fiat 147 in a Barn in Argentina and Are Going to Sell It

Despite a thick layer of dust everywhere, the red Fiat 147’s interior made in 1987 is as good as new. The seats are still plastic and parts like the steering and dashboard are spotless as if they had just come off the assembly line, with no signs of wear and tear.

The condition of the metal parts is also impressive Fiat 147
, even under the seats, in perfect condition. And the engine will only need a cleaning, new fluid, along with other details as if it were new.

It is not yet known how the car ended up in the barn and was abandoned for so long. Time
But it should be revealed soon. After undergoing the necessary treatment, the Fiat 147 Zero Kilometer will be sold.

The Italian brand was the first model produced by the Compact. memorandum
in Betim (MG), in 1976 and spent 11 years in production, staying with them fiat uno
between 1984 and 1987. Therefore, the specimen found is from the previous series coming out of the Minas Gerais factory. The car was also built by Sewell in Argentina until 1996.

hey Fiat 147
Comes with the 1,049 cc engine that was used earlier one milli
In 1990, which became the cheapest model on sale in Brazil, with a four-speed manual gearbox, a simple carburetor and only one reversing light on the driver’s side taillight, among other items designed to reduce final cost . ,

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