Abrafrigo – Beef exports from Brazil retreated 6% in first two months, says

Abrafrigo - Beef exports from Brazil retreated 6% in first two months, says

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The Brazilian Refrigerators Association (Abrigrigo) said on Friday that beef exports from Brazil fell by 6% in the first two months of 2021 compared to the same period last year.

According to data from the Ministry of Economy compiled by the unit, shipments of the product in January and February (as against 253,627 tonnes, a total of 251,627 tonnes in January and February).

Abrafrigo said that on a comparison basis there was a 7% decline in foreign exchange revenue from exports, which is more than 1.1 billion.

The largest buyer of beef in Brazil, China accounted for 61% of the volume exported in the first two months, compared to a 52.5% share last year.

Considering shipments to both mainland China and Hong Kong, the first two months of last year, the Asian country handled 153,602 tonnes, 139,916 tonnes.

On the other hand, Brazil’s two largest beef customers recorded a decline in exports period: Chile, in second place, acquired 10,623 tonnes (-33%), while the third, Egypt, accounted for 8,241 tonnes (-30%). Imported.

“In total, 50 countries increased their imports, while another 74 decreased,” he told Abriprigo in a note, with a 156% increase in shipments to the United States on the positive front, the fourth-largest customer. , Which bought 7,616 tons of protein in Brazilian time.

If only the month of February was to be considered, Brazilian beef exports decreased by 5% per year, totaling 124,488 tonnes. However, the decline in revenue was lower than what was recorded in volume, as against farm prices.

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“In revenue, where the Renaissance is underway and prices are improving, the drop was just 1%, reaching US $ 552 million,” the association said.

In this sense, Abrigrigo also pointed out that although the volume exported in February this year was lower than in January, when 127,139 tonnes were shipped, revenue improved monthly compared to – in the first month of the year, 549 million. Dollars were added.

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