Active video games can help you break out of a sedentary lifestyle

Active video games can help you break out of a sedentary lifestyle

Researchers have analyzed the effects of sports that prompt a person to dance or imitate standing games; Factors such as autonomy and fun are incentives for exercise.

From Agnia Einstein, by Gabriella Capani

There’s good news for those who only listen to criticism for liking video games: Active games can be a good start for getting out of the sedentary. The novelty comes from American researchers at the University of Georgia in the United States, who wanted to test whether this method could have any role in stimulating exercise. But let’s be clear: The conclusion only applies to games in which the individual has to advance. It’s not worth practicing sitting on the couch. And, of course, they do not bring the same benefits as traditional physical exercises.

To find out the effect of these active sports, such as those that simulate a person’s dancing or standing sports, the authors evaluated a group of 55 volunteers who did not get the minimum amount of exercise recommended by experts: per week. 150 mins. They were divided into two groups: half practiced traditional aerobic physical activities, and the others, so-called “exergms” three times a week, over six weeks. Data such as heart rate and other parameters were used to examine the activity level of these participants.

At the end of the period, in fact, those who did the traditional exercise trained more. It is known that practicing in an appropriate environment, such as a gym, and in a group, appears to be an incentive to persevere and try harder. The video game group, on the other hand, had more fun. And, according to the authors, autonomy and fun can be an excellent incentive to move.

“It is known that, in order to stay active, it is very important to be able to choose what you like”, says Luciana Zenot, a cardiologist at the Rehabilitation Center at the Albert Einstein Hospital, Israel. “We can’t just criticize these sports, we have to take advantage of them and use them to our advantage”, the doctor says, noting that these types of resources are already widely used in rehabilitation with excellent results. are used together.

For those who are not in the habit of physical activity, getting off the couch can be extremely difficult. So, although they don’t replace traditional activity, these sports can really be the first step toward a more active routine.

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