Activities for your spare time, which are best and most enjoyable?

This seems like a strange question but there are times when it is a good idea to think about what else to do in your life. For example if you want change from what you normally do, or perhaps to go do some new activity to meet new people and make friends.

An important aspect in all of life is to keep measure, not overdo things, and the  issues this gives you can see in any sort of addictions but also in people staying in a certain mindset that affects them for years. E.g. after a tragic experience. Think about what you do in life, and why you do what you do…

One of the problems in modern society is obesity, and many people state that it is so hard to lose weight, that modern processed foods are addictive, but I don’t think so. First of all the main issue is self control: Eat less than the energy you burn and you will lose weight. If you ride bicycle a lot, or walk or run a lot, you can more or less eat what you want, within some limits of course. Have some self-control and stop eating, why continue when you have had enough? The often heard argument that some people don’t have a feeling of ‘full’ is not all that limits you. Especially when you ride bicycle, a fullstomach means you won’t ride bicycle feeling good, but feeling limited. This goes in another sense too for walking up stairs. I won’t go into all the details here, but whatever your views are, doing some form of exercise if you don’t do that in your daily work is healthy for you.

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A healthy life should include some activities such as walking, riding bicycle, or more strenuous activity such as doing some sports, while also doing things in your life that keep your mind occupied.

These can be reading books, playing computer games, playing games on your phone or on a web browser on some websites. These can be free, paid, or pay-to-play (which means you may need to buy things from time to time, upgrades, new tanks, new powers, etc.)

Another form of entertainment for some is betting, using betting bureaus or betting websites. These have something in common with eating for many people in that you need self-control, to not let you lose too much money, only to spend what you can afford to lose. Further always keep in mind that losing is most likely, the odds of betting games (on casino type websites) are always in favour of the house… In case of sports betting the issues are similar though here you might fancy your chances in making a better estimation of the situation than those running such sites. They might not be available in your country, as depending on the regulations in your country, it could be that betting via websites is not allowed unless such sites are approved by the government, as for example in the Netherlands. There is a clear effort to try to regulate these businesses because of the issues of gambling addiction but there may be other reasons why such sites are not yet allowed there.

If we look at the best betting sites in the world, then you see these issues of legality mentioned there, but gambling addiction not so much. You can see this for example at the site vibrabet .

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Looking at different activities, you should do what you like, but keep in mind your mental and physical health, and go do varied things in your time. If you do a lot of thinking in your work, you could do sports in your free time. If you are, say, a builder, then physically less demanding activities such as reading or gaming can be an option (instead of just watching TV). To meet new people any activities that are not virtual are logically superior to those where you talk or play with others online, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, playing chess, there are many possibilities for new activities that just might suit you. Be a yes man, try something new today 🙂

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