Adam Schaefter Report 4 Falcon testing was not positively incorrect

adam schefter falcons positive tests

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On Thursday morning, Adam Schaefer broke the news that the Falcons had closed their practice facility and suspended individual activities following the team’s four new positive tests. Although the Falcons have banned operations despite extreme caution, Atlanta did not actually have four positive tests, instead, a staff member test on the team was positive.

Shifter tweeted false news of four positive tests and tweeted an update exactly one hour later that only one was positive. He has yet to tweet that his original report was completely incorrect.

Following the Titans’ outbreak, NFL games are being rescheduled, and the positive tests to make a significant impact in the world of college football, the immediate response to the false four positive news was that the Falcons – Vikings game threat Will fall into. With only one employee positive as of Thursday, however, the match-up in Atlanta is still going according to schedule.

Shifter’s record as an NFL Breaking News reporter is as good as it gets, but looking at all the moving pieces and uncertainties associated with the virus, it’s hard to sway and get lost in a report.

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