Aden Augusto López and Santiago Creel discuss power and safety improvements

Aden Augusto López and Santiago Creel discuss power and safety improvements

Interior Secretary (segobo, Adam Augusto Lopez, received a leader of this monday National Action Party ,wok) to discuss as part of the round of meetings with the opposition electrical repair and the role of armed forces Feather the protection public.

Lopez Hernandez received in his office santiago creel, PAN legislator and deputy chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, with whom he agreed to prepare a meeting between the government and PAN leaders, deputies, senators and governors.

In a statement, interior Ministry The report stated that the two politicians “agreed to promote dialogue between the federal government and PAN to address issues such as power reform, the fight against corruption, insecurity and the role of the armed forces, the economic crisis, on the national agenda.” happened.” ,

The agency announced that a similar meeting would be held soon with the leaders of Institutional Revolutionary Party ,Panchayati Raj) and to “maintain dialogue and participate in the various agendas of the opposition” with the rest of the political forces in the country.

This approach was a directive from the Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, after last week Santiago Crele took a letter to the National Palace requesting a meeting to “address the country’s great issues”.

During the second part of his term, which ends in 2024, López Obrador seeks to promote three constitutional reforms to limit private participation in the power sector, strengthen the military’s role in public security, and improve the electoral institution. .

However, the national uplift movement (brunette,) only does not have the two-thirds Chamber of Deputies and the Senate required to reform the constitution, so it requires a settlement with the opposition.

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